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Ella Purnell’s Love Life: From Past Relationships to Current Romance!

Since stepping into the spotlight, Ella Purnell, known for her role in “Yellowjackets,” has masterfully shielded her personal life from the public eye. While maintaining an air of mystery, she hasn’t hesitated to share glimpses of her relationship with her boyfriend, Max Bennett Kelly. The pair, together for about three years, have chosen to keep the details of their initial encounter a secret.

Despite this privacy, they remain each other’s staunchest supporters, frequently cheering on their respective careers. In a testament to their strong bond, Purnell and Kelly have even joined forces professionally. As fans continue to admire Purnell’s talent on screen, the couple’s relationship remains an intriguing and cherished aspect of her private world.

Kelly and Purnell Created A Short Film Together

After the successful launch of his debut album, “Junk Male,” Kelly expanded his artistic endeavors by releasing a short film bearing the same title in September 2023. This creative venture was a collaborative effort with Purnell, who showcased her multifaceted talents as the director, co-producer, and co-writer of the film. Kelly, not to be outdone, wore multiple hats as the film’s creator, co-writer, co-producer, art director, and sound effects designer.

In the film, Kelly takes on the role of Hollywood Thompson, a boxer, while Purnell portrays his love interest, Decency “Dee” DiMartini. The duo’s on-screen chemistry and shared vision brought a unique depth to the narrative.

Anticipation for the film reached its peak the night before its release, with Kelly expressing his gratitude and admiration for Purnell in a heartfelt Instagram post. He lauded her professionalism, boldness, and directorial prowess, emphasizing how proud he was of their collaboration.

Purnell reciprocated the sentiment with her own Instagram post, celebrating the film’s release as a labor of love, dedication, and teamwork. She expressed her excitement in sharing this new chapter of their creative journey with their fans, marking her directorial debut with immense pride and gratitude.

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Who Has Ella Purnell Dated?

Over the years, Ella Purnell has been quite reserved when it comes to discussing her romantic life, though she hasn’t been entirely immune to sharing snippets. In a 2014 interview, she briefly mentioned a four-month relationship with a French-speaking beau, highlighting the language barrier as a playful annoyance during outings with his friends.

By April 2018, Ella opened up about her relationship with James Coate, whom she met at a London party through friends from her travels to New Zealand and Australia. Despite keeping their relationship under wraps until Christmas 2017, the pair eventually parted ways.

Amidst swirling rumors, Ella found herself at the center of speculation linking her to Hollywood heartthrobs like Tom Holland and even Brad Pitt. While these rumors were quickly debunked, they certainly fueled public interest in Ella’s personal life.

In an attempt to set the record straight, Ella took to Instagram to confirm her relationship with musician Max Bennet. Despite their private nature, Ella shared a heartfelt birthday post for Max in January 2023, featuring a tender kiss between the couple, solidifying their relationship status and mutual affection.

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Navigating fame while maintaining a private personal life is no small feat, but Ella Purnell handles it with grace and discretion. Over the years, she’s offered glimpses into her romantic relationships, fueling both curiosity and speculation among fans and media alike. While rumors have swirled linking her to high-profile celebrities, Ella has remained steadfast in protecting her privacy.

Her decision to share moments with her current partner, Max Bennet, on her own terms speaks volumes about her values and approach to fame. As she continues to captivate audiences with her talent on screen, Ella Purnell reminds us that behind the glamour and glitz, celebrities are entitled to their personal lives away from the spotlight.

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