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Duniya Vijay Caste: Films, Biography, Parents, Siblings, and Cousins

Known by his stage name Duniya Vijay or Duniya Viji, Vijay Kumar B.R. is an Indian actor best known for his roles in Kannada cinema. He began his career as a minor actor in the film industry before starring in Duniya, his breakout role (2007). Chanda (2007), Junglee (2009), Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam (2011), and Jayammana Maga (2011) are just a few of his notable flicks (2013).

Ranga SSLC alongside Sudeep was the beginning of Vijay’s acting career. Jogi, Shree, and Ee Rajeev Gandhi Alla followed. He also appeared on the little screen.

It was after Vijay’s friend Soori’s directorial debut that Duniya came out that his career took off. He was portrayed as a simple village boy with a big heart who falls prey to underworld thugs who turn him into one of their henchmen. Critics lauded his performance as an actor. Filmfare and State honours were later given to Vijay for his performance in the film.

Vijay Featured in Three Additional Films in 2007

Yuga, Chanda, and Geleya – all of which were critically acclaimed. Yuga was an action picture in the vein of Duniya, but it failed to find an audience or make money. When Prakash Rai abruptly pulled out of Geleya, a supporting position opened up for Vijay.

Duniya Vijay Caste

Chanda, Vijay’s film of the year in 2007, created headlines. Vijay and S. Narayan had purportedly agreed that the film would be released six weeks after Yuga so that there would be no clashes. Vijay declined to provide his voice to the film because the filmmaker had broken his promise. The actor was given a one-year suspension by the KFCC after a settlement was reached. Vijay’s film ban was lifted after the elders of the “Karnataka Film Federation” intervened. In terms of ticket sales, Chanda was a smashing success. His daredevil fights won him fans among the so-called masses.’

At the start of 2008, Vijay worked on Kavita Lankesh’s semi-art film Avva. Vijay was widely praised for his performance, however, the film did not perform well at the box office. At the end of 2008, he appeared in the film Slum Bala by Sumana Kittur. The general view was that Vijay’s forte, action, was missing from both flicks.


Duniya Vijay was born on January 20, 1974, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, to a poor family. One of India’s leading Kannada film actors, he also produces and acts. Vijay is his full name. Among his most popular works are “Duniya,” “Junglee,” and “Chanda,” among others.

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He and two stuntmen were filming an action scene for his next film Masti Gudi when they jumped from the helicopter into the reservoir and were recovered, but both stuntmen drowned in the process. For now, Vijay, director Nagashekar, and stunt coordinator Ravi Varma have all been banned from filming in Karnataka by the Karnataka Film Commerce Chamber (KFCC). Vijay’s name was not included in the final charge sheet issued by the police in 2017. In the end, he was exonerated of all charges against him. Cobra, his much-anticipated feature, had to be postponed because of this. In the meantime, he’s busy filming the romantic comedy Kanaka, directed by R. Chandru.

Caste and Religion of Kannada Actors

The caste, religion, and community of all South Indian Sandalwood movie stars are listed below.

  • Brahmin (Saraswat Brahmin) is a Hindu caste of the actor Ananth Nag.
  • actor Arjun Sarja’s ethnicity is Kuruba Gowda, a Hindu.
  • Indian-Hindu Lingayat actor, Atharvaa.

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  • Hindu Kuruba Gowda actor Batti Mahadevappa is from a well-known family.
  • Balija (Banajigas) caste, Hindu actor Darshan Caste He is frequently confused with Vokkaliga.
  • Kuruba Gowda, a Hindu actor, is Dhruva Sarja’s character.
  • Havyaka Brahmin, Hindu, is the cast of Diganth.
  • Duniya Vijay is a Hindu actor from the Kuruba Gowda caste.
  • Ganesh Caste is a Nepalese-born Hindu actor. A Gorkha father and a Vokkaliga mother.
  • G. R. Karnad is a Hindu Saraswat Brahmin actor.
  • Hindu Saraswat Brahmin, actor Guru Dutt’s caste.
  • In the Media (Ediga) caste system, actor Guru Rajkumar is classified as a Hindu
  • Kalathapasvi Rajesh, an actor, is a Kuruba Gowda, or Hindu, by birthright.
  • Karibasavaiah, the actor, is a Kuruba Gowda, a Hindu caste.

  • Karnataka-born actor Kiccha Sudeep was born as Valmiki Nayaka to Hindu parents in Mumbai.
  • Indian-born, Hindu actor Kumar Bangarappa hails from the indigo (Ediga) tribe.
  • Murali is a Lingayat, a Hindu actor.
  • Prakash Raj is a Hindu actor of the Rai caste.
  • Prem Kumar is a Hindu actor.
  • Rajkumar’s caste is from the Idiga (Ediga) community, which is Hindu.
  • Idina (Ediga) Community, Hindu, Actor Raghavendra Rajkumar
  • In the Media (Ediga) community, actor Rajkumar is a Hindu.
  • Rakshith Shetty’s ethnicity is Lingayat, and he is a Hindu.
  • Actor Shakti Prasad belongs to the Kuruba Gowda community, which is comprised of Hindus.
  • Saraswat Brahmin is the ethnicity of actor Shankar Nag.
  • Idina (Ediga) Community, Hindu, Actor Shiva Rajkumar
  • Shivraj Kumar is a Hindu actor.
  • He is a member of the Hindu community of India.
  • Hindu, Idina Community, Sri Murali Caste.
  • Thoogudeepa Srinivas, the actor, is a Hindu from the Balija (Banajigas) ethnicity.

Duniya Vijay Caste

  • Hindu Brahmin actor Upendra
  • Vijay Raghavendra, also known as ‘Chinnari Mutha’, is a Hindu actor from the Idina community.
  • Idina (Ediga) Community, Hindu actor Vijay Raghavendra.
  • Vinay Rajkumar is an actor. Homo sapiens: Hindus of the Idina Community (Ediga).
  • Vishnuvardhan is a Hindu Brahmin actor.
  • Yash Caste is a Vokkaliga, Hindu actor.
  • Kuruba Gowda, a Hindu actor, is Yogesh’s caste.
  • Idina (Ediga) Community, Hindu Director Prashanth Neel in Kannada
  • S. A. Chinne Gowda is a Kannada film producer. Idiga (Ediga) community, Hindu caste.

Duniya Vijay’s Parents, Siblings, and Cousins

Rudrappa and Narayanamma welcomed him into the world. Ambuja, his older sister, is his godmother. Monisha, Monika, and Samrat are his three children with Nagarathna.

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Vijay’s first marriage to Keerthi Pattani, whom he married in 2016, ended in divorce. His nephew, Yogesh, is an actor.


In Kannada films, Duniya Vijay is an Indian actor. He began his career as a minor actor in the film industry before starring in Duniya, his breakout role (2007). Chanda (2007)

Duniya Vijay Caste

Junglee (2009), Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam (2011), and Jayammana Maga (2011) are just a few of his notable flicks (2013). It was estimated by Forbes that Vijay’s net worth was Rs.151 crore (US$21 million) in 2018.

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