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Drudge Report: Origins, Content and Everything You Need to Know!

Formed by Matt Drudge and co-founded by Charles Hurt and Daniel Halper, The Drudge Report (stylized as DRUDGE REPORT) is an American news aggregation website.  Conservative publications were considered to be the site’s primary audience, but its ownership and political leanings have been questioned since mid-to-late 2019.  Most of the content on this website is in the form of external links to articles about politics, culture, and current events from other publications.

It all began in 1995 when Drudge emailed subscribers a weekly summary of his findings.

Immediately following Newsweek’s decision to “kill the story,” it was their first outlet to break the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal to the general public


To begin with, in 1995, the Drudge Report was a gossip column focusing on Hollywood and Washington, DC’s political landscape.
From a Hollywood, California, apartment, Matt Drudge started the email-based weekly utilising insider connections to break stories, often before they appeared in the mainstream media. In the beginning,

Drudge Report

Drudge worked from his Miami Beach, Florida, home with the support of assistants in news selection and headline writing. Andrew Breitbart was his first employee. A self-proclaimed “Matt Drudge’s bitch Breitbart ran his own website, Breitbart News, while also contributing to the Drudge Report in the afternoons. Breitbart News offered a conservative viewpoint to the Los Angeles entertainment business. Drudge, according to John Ziegler, prevented Breitbart from publishing content unfavourable of Barack Obama during the 2008 US presidential campaign.


For the most part, Drudge Report is a collection of links to articles from news websites throughout the world, each of which has a headline produced by Drudge or his editors. External websites of major media organisations typically hold the related stories. Drudge-authored tales of two to three paragraphs in length appear on occasion. In most cases, they relate to a story that is about to be published in a high-profile publication. It is not uncommon for Drudge to reveal Nielsen ratings or early exit polls that are otherwise unavailable to the general public.

For example, Google and Drudge Report have been using AP content without paying for it without permission since April 2009, when the Associated Press declared that it will be revisiting the fair use concept.

A Trump supporter in 2016, Drudge Report, has already ceased promoting him for 2020.
As the campaign heats up, a divide is forming between President Obama and online news pioneer Matt Drudge, which is playing out in pithy headlines and stinging tweets.

Attacks on London Mayor Sadiq Khan by Donald Trump Are Used to Push a Muslim Visa Ban

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who hails from Pakistan, was attacked by US President Trump on Monday for being “politically correct” and for his controversial visa ban, which Trump said was necessary in light of Monday’s London Bridge terror attacks that killed seven people and injured dozens others.

“We need to stop worrying about being politically correct and start thinking about how to keep our people safe. President Trump warned that “if we don’t become smart, it will only get worse.”

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According to multiple media reports, Khan had said there was no need for fear when three terrorists ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge and then went on a stabbing rampage in Borough Market nearby, prompting Trump’s early morning comments.

Drudge Silences Biden With a “Mute”

You’ve arrived at POLITICO’s West Wing Playbook, an indispensable resource on the administration of Vice President Joe Biden’s inner circle. Allie Bice and I were there.

Drudge Report

By making the lives of Democrats in the Oval Office a living nightmare, the Drudge Report became a household name.

Although the website, named after its controversial and enigmatic creator, MATT DRUDGE, has followed an unexpected trend that arose during the 2020 presidential campaign: It has taken a rather muted editorial stance on JOE BIDEN during the last several months.

On Dec. 10, visitors to Drudge were greeted by a patriotic image of Vice President Joe Biden splattered on an American flag. On that particular day, headlines trumpeted the “lowest unemployment claims in 50 years,” “Biden delivering fastest recovery in history?” and comments from CNBC anchor JIM CRAMER claiming the economy was the “strongest I’ve ever seen.’ While promoting an article on Vice President

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Joe Biden’s new dog and his record-setting pace of confirming judicial appointees, the site linked to a report about former President Donald Trump’s ties with convicted sex offender JEFFREY EPSTEIN on December 21.

Leanings on the Political Spectrum

Matt Drudge describes himself as “more of a populist” than a conservative.  The Drudge Report has been referred to in the media as “a conservative news aggregator” because of its conservative slant. Conservative bullhorn”: Richard Siklos, editor of Fortune magazine, described the Drudge Report in 2008. [44] He has been described to as a “conservative warrior” by Peter Wallsten in the Los Angeles Times;[45] a “muckraker” by Saul Hansell in the New York Times;[46] and “a right-wing hack” by Glenn Greenwald in New York magazine in August 2007.

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“[Drudge] likes a press release from Senator Inhofe nearly as much as he enjoys taking pot shots at Al Gore,” writes Jesse Swick of The New Republic in a piece on the Drudge Report. Basically, it’s like a movie theatre’s interstitial visuals of popcorn and beverages, but considerably less subtle.” [48] As Ben Shapiro put it, “The American left can’t restrict Internet usage or ban talk radio, so it delegitimizes these news resources.” The left has no choice except to delegitimize alternative news sources in order to compete with the right-wing media in the new millennium… Muckraker and Yellow Journalist: Matt Drudge is the subject of many disparaging nicknames.


At one point in August 2017, Drudge experimented with a temporary, modest design modification, which included utilising only black-and-and-white images and using colourful writing instead of the normal black for holidays; the core style remained consistent throughout.

Drudge Report

Required citation] A predominantly monochromatic colour scheme of black boldface monospaced typeface text on a simple white background is still used in its entirety. When it comes to the Drudge Report, it’s been described as “a giant chaotic mishmash of links and photos and by Dan Rahmel as “popular despite its basic appearance. According to Paul Armstrong of, the Drudge Report website has a retro vibe to it. “One of the best-designed websites on the Internet” was proclaimed by Jason Fried of Basecamp.

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