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Get Ready to Know the Drops of God Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending Explained!

Drops of God Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained

‘Drops of God’ is an Apple TV+ drama series created by Quoc Dang Tran (‘Marianne’) based on the manga of the same name written by Tadashi Agi (a pseudonym used by sister and brother Yuko and Shin Kibayashi) and drawn by Shu Okimoto.

Camille Léger (Fleur Geffrier) and Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita) are the protagonists of the narrative. Following the death of Camille’s father and Issei’s mentor, famous sommelier Alexandre Léger, they find themselves fighting to see who would inherit Alexandre’s legacy, which includes a $7 million property in Tokyo and a $148 million wine collection.

Recap of Drops of God Episode 8

Thomas (Tom Wozniczka) initiates the series finale by rapping on Camille’s door in the middle of the night. Even though Thomas is engaged, the relationship between the erstwhile childhood companions has flourished throughout the season.

On this night, they take extra precautions to avoid making commotion so as not to alert the other residents of the residence. The Chassangre residence is a rural French dwelling from the preceding century. The walls are not particularly substantial, and the majority of the furniture is noisy. Therefore, Thomas and Camille must be extra wary when making love.

Issei and Camille recreate the wine they drank for the third test the next morning, seated across a table with a split. When the lawyer, Mr. Talion, arrives to tell them that just one hour remains, Camille becomes sick and rushes away. Their wine concoctions are eventually completed and placed into thick test tubes labeled “No. 1” and “No. 2.”

Although Philippe (Gustave Kervern) does not appear to be a cheater in favor of one of the participants, he does have a personal relationship with Camille. He essentially blind-tastes the two samples and assigns points to each competitor.

That evening, Issei cooks a dinner from fish he caught with his own hands in a local creek. Philippe pulls out images shot when Issei’s parents visited the domain as the group celebrates the ostensible conclusion of the tournament.

Drops of God Episode 8 Ending Explained: Who Wins the Issei-Camille Competition?

The competition appears to consist of three phases, with the third round consisting of three exams. Issei wins the first round, while Camille wins the second, despite the fact that Camille was almost correct in the first round, but lost because she was second-guessing herself, and Issei chose to lose on purpose in the second round because he believed that the discovery he made about the source of the second wine was purely coincidental.

The third round consists of academic questions, the coupling of food and wine, and the manufacture of the correct wine variety at the Chassangre domain. Issei won the opening match 70-30. Camille wins round two 65-35. Camille’s victory in the third test, 45-35, results in a stalemate, to the delight of both Issei and Camille.

Issei told Camille the truth about his parentage while they were still in France, leading Camille to believe that Alexandre devised the test in an effort to foster a bond between his two children.

However, it appears that the truth is something else. Mr. Talion informs them that Alexandre predicted the competition would end in a tie and left a video message for that eventuality. In the video, Alexandre asserts that there can only be one victor, as his wine collection cannot be divided.

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As Camille realizes that her mother wasn’t completely incorrect about Alexandre, she and her rival are taken to the cellar to ascertain what the Drops of God are. Camille momentarily contemplates withdrawing from the competition, and Issei states that he will also withdraw if she does. Then they discover that Luca will receive the inheritance, which is the last thing Camille wants.

Camille and Issei, therefore, continue playing Alexandre’s game. Eventually, Camille discovers that at least this portion of the competition was rigged to her advantage by Alexandre. Despite its moniker, Drops of God is a natural substance. She wins the competition by jotting down the answer on a scrap of paper.

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