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Dr Zelenko Death: Cause of Death?

One of the first doctors to advocate for an experimental medicine combination during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vladimir Zelenko, died of cancer at the age of 48. According to a statement released on behalf of the foundation Zelenko founded after he quit his family’s medical practice amid a scandal in May 2020, the organisation will now take contributions to advance the theories he had started after leaving his profession.

Dr Zelenko Death

According to an obituary published by his medical company, Zelenko, also known as Zev, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1973 and immigrated to the United States with his family four years later. Before beginning a medical practice in Monroe, New York’s Kiryas Joel Hasidic enclave, he received a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University and then completed his medical degree at the University of Buffalo.

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Zelenko rose to notoriety by pushing a medicine cocktail he said might heal the deadly sickness. His death comes two years later.

Even then-President Trump had declared that he would take hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin as a fast-acting treatment for the pandemic if it worked. Malaria treatment using Zelenko’s so-called “Zelenko regimen” became well-known outside of his community, but safety concerns about the medications swiftly hardened into concern when studies showed that not only did it hurt COVID patients, but it may also harm them.

The leaders of the Kiryas Joel community spoke out openly against Zelenko’s ideas as they spread within Orthodox communities, asking locals to follow proven medical advice to stop the spread of sickness. Zelenko was also investigated by federal authorities for saying that the Food and Drug Administration had approved a study of the pharmaceuticals he marketed.

Announcing his departure from the community in May 2020, Zelenko said, “Things have transpired. Moving on is the only option for me now. “I don’t know what I’m going to do yet,” she said.

Z Freedom Foundation, a non-profit organisation he founded to promote criticism of the medical system and Zelenko Labs, a corporation selling vitamins and other supplements online. Since his cancer diagnosis in 2018 motivated him to action, both the foundation and Zelenko’s family have stated that they will continue their work following his death.

Dr Zelenko Death

Zelenko remained a symbol for the anti-vaccination movement and many of its sympathisers on the far-right, despite occasional bans from major social media sites for disseminating misinformation. It appears that he has joined the anti-vaccine movement, writing and self-publishing research stating that the COVID vaccination is to blame for the deaths of millions of people. As news of his passing spread on Thursday, many of them took to social media to pay their respects.

The president who helped Zelenko get his start in the spotlight also showed his support for him by showing up at the Trump rally that preceded the revolt on the nation’s capital’s steps on January 6th.

Zelenko will be regarded as a “hero for all patients and physicians” by the conservative group the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which promotes medical disinformation because he stood up to “authorities that improperly interfered with the usage of his innovative treatment procedure.” Zelenko leaves behind a wife and two children, as well as six children from a previous marriage and his parents.

The former Kiryas Joel doctor who established the controversial COVID procedure, Zev Zelenko, has died.

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President Trump’s attention was first drawn to Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s devotion to Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a COVID treatment on Thursday, June 30 at the age of 48. Before 2018, Zelenko had made it known that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Z-Freedom Foundation, where he worked, announced his death.

Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko

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At one point, federal prosecutors became aware of Zelenko’s COVID protocol study in 2020 when an erroneous email indicated that the FDA had approved it, even though that had never happened. In his defence, Zelenko claimed there had been a blunder.

New York’s health insurers are proposing a 19% increase in premiums.

Challenges to New York statute requiring minimum staffing levels in nursing facilities A spike in instances of monkeypox has been reported in New York City while the federal government has been distributing immunizations.

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The Zelenko Protocol was designed by Zelenko and included Hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, and zinc.


Dr Zelenko worked for Ezras Choilim, a Monroe-based medical institution, for three years and served as an advisor to the local Hatzolah paramedics. With offices in Monroe and Monsey, an Orthodox Jewish hamlet in upstate New York, he started his practice in 2007.

Dr Zelenko Death

It was decided to remove his right lung as a treatment option for a rare form of cancer they discovered in his chest in 2018. The first marriage of Dr Zelenko was terminated in a divorce. As well to Shira and Liba, his second wife, he leaves behind six children from his first marriage, Levi Yitzchok; Esther Tova; Eta Devorah; Nochum Dovid; Shmuel Nosson Yaakov; and Menachem Mendel; as well as his parents and a brother.

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