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Dr Stone Season 3: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Trailer!

It’s one of those shonen anime series, like the “Big Three” and the “New Big Three,” that hasn’t quite caught on, but it still has a loyal following and has gotten high praise from critics over the years.

After five years and 25 volumes, the manga was finally finished on March 7, 2022, which indicates that fans already know that the anime is nearing its conclusion. If there is a third season of “Doctor Stone,” we’ve got the details you’re looking for right here.

Dr.third STONE’s season will premiere in 2023, as revealed by the show’s producers. According to the trailer, the third season will be based on the manga’s

Dr Stone Season 3

“Age of Exploration” arc, in which the characters sail over the ocean to a new planet they have never seen before. Dr Stone: Ryusui, a one-off special episode, will debut in July 2022.

Release Date for Dr Stone Season 3

Dr STONE is a well-known fantasy shonen manga, as we’ve already mentioned. Despite the manga’s recent completion, the anime series still has a few seasons to go before it reaches its last chapter.

24 episodes were featured in the first season of Dr STONE, which aired from July 5 to December 13, 2019. Between January 14th, 2021, and March 25th, 2021, the second season’s 11 episodes aired.

While we don’t know for sure when Season 3 will premiere, we expect it to air sometime between the Winter 202/2023 and Spring 2023 seasons; early Summer 202/2023 is also a possibility, but we don’t expect to wait too long for it to air.

For now, we may look forward to Dr Stone: Ryusui, a one-off special scheduled to premiere in July 2022. As of right now, this is all we know about the series, but we’ll keep you informed as more information comes into our hands.

Dr Stone Season 3 Teaser Poster

In light of what you’ve learned about Dr STONE season 3, you’ve probably already figured out that we already have a trailer for the new season. As is customary, the Dr STONE teaser trailer for the third season was published immediately following the conclusion of the second season. You can see it here:

To be honest, the first trailer didn’t show much, but that didn’t stop the fans from being overjoyed. A second trailer, released in December 2021, revealed the Season 3 premiere date as well as the date for the special episode. To see it in action, go here:

The Plot of Dr Stone Season 3

The “Age of Exploration” arc will be adapted for the upcoming season of Dr STONE, as shown in the trailer published last year. We’ll give you an overview of the story’s arc in this section so you’ll know what to expect.

It’s only fair that Senku puts Tsukasa’s life in jeopardy after he killed Senku months ago. In the meantime, Mirai bids farewell to her brother Senku by building him a Tsukasa-sized refrigerator.

In front of the newcomers from the Tsukasa realm, Senku calls together the entire kingdom of science and informs them that they would be travelling to the other side of the planet, to the place where petrification began. They’ll need a boat for this, therefore they’re holding a boat design contest. Magma isn’t interested in taking Senku’s place unless the situation becomes monotonous. However, he still aspires to the position of the village head. After Senku’s winning entry in the boat building competition, construction on the vessel has begun.

Gen devises a strategy to induce Ryusui to pay for the privilege of flying in the hot air balloon, which has room for three people. To celebrate their new ship’s inaugural voyage, Senku, Chrome, and Ryusui set sail but were trapped in a storm.

They arrive in Ishigami, Japan, in the end. While flying in a hot air balloon, they map out the environment around them as well as find new materials.

To save money, they decide to bake bread because it can be stored for a long time. Unfortunately, none of them is very skilled cooks, so the product is disgusting. The butler of Ryusui is revived for this mission. Francois gathers a few more ingredients and makes bread that shatters all expectations.

Dr Stone Season 3

Senku makes a camera for Minami as a thank you for letting him use her reviving fluid. Before they can begin looking for an oil field, Ryusui, Senku, and the others must first take a photo where they pose like Albert Einstein.

Francois enlists the assistance of Suika and Chalk in his quest to locate truffles to feed the crew. Meanwhile, Kohaku is scanning their photos for traces of truffles or the oil field. Oil has been discovered by her, but they are unsure of where it is located. A hog named Sagara is used to locate oil because he previously rolled around in it. They make a motorboat out of it.

After the “insanely strong” radio tower is turned on for the first time, Senku’s group begins testing its watercraft. “WHY” was the Morse code message that permeated the kingdom’s radio waves.

All of the members have a theory. They assume Why-man is an adversary because they don’t want to be overly prepared for an ally who turns out to be one.

When the water in their river runs short, they construct a radar system that Chrome repurposes to look for iron. A mine and minecarts are constructed. It is possible to build roads and plan transportation routes; however, it is not possible to build ships.


Because of this, Ryusui had to create a smaller ship as a model to guide the shipbuilders. On September 10, the Perseus is completed after a year of construction. The ISS astronauts’ stranded island is located, and a team of rescuers is assembled.

The Cast of Dr Stone Season 3

The primary cast of Dr STONE will not change much until the end of the show’s final arc. There will be some new characters added, and a lot of antagonists will die and be replaced by new ones, but the majority of the primary cast will remain unchanged until the finish.

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Since this is an unwritten law in modern-day anime adaptations, we believe that the primary voice cast will not only return for the third season but also for all future seasons.


The third season is planned for 2023, and a special episode will be released in July 2022.

Dr Stone Season 3
Dr.third STONE’s season will premiere on March 25, 2021, one day after the conclusion of season two. The third season will premiere in 2023 at the Jump Festa 2022 event.

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