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Does Toni Collette Have Cancer?, Is It True? Latest Updates!

Does Toni Collette Have Cancer? As viewers grow involved in the new Netflix series Pieces of Her, the focus has shifted to Toni Collette and if her character’s illness reflects the actor’s actual health. We clarify whether or not Collette had breast cancer and analyse the actor’s tremendously successful career to date.

Pieces of Her was created by Charlotte Stoudt for Netflix and is based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Karin Slaughter. It tells the narrative of Andy, who was involved in a mass shooting in a diner, where her mother, Laura, was able to simply stop the gunman.

Who is Toni Collette?

Toni Collette, who was (born on 1 November 1972) is an Australian actor and singer. Her performance in the 1999 blockbuster The Sixth Sense garnered her widespread recognition. Additionally, she is the lead vocalist for the band Toni Colette and the Finish. He has a net worth of $18 million.

Does Toni Collette Have Cancer

Does Toni Collette Have Cancer?

No, Toni Collette did not have breast cancer in real life, putting fans’ minds at ease after worries were raised about her character on the Netflix series. At one point in the story, the protagonist, Laura Oliver, got chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

After a graphic sequence of Collette’s character was shown while Laura was recovering from a mastectomy, concern arose for her health. To create this, the performer probably wore prosthetics and makeup, or digital alteration was used.

Colette also acted alongside Drew Barrymore in the film Miss You Already, in which her character also battled breast cancer.

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Toni Collette’s Character in “Miss You Already”

Toni Collette’s character in the film “Miss You Already” must display her mastectomy scars since she portrays a lady dying of cancer. The 43-year-old Australian actress has also gained 40 pounds (“Muriel’s Wedding”), portrayed a lady with dissociative identity disorder (“United States of Tara”), and shaved her head for this role. We recently chatted with Collette about how both the new film and the actress defy categorization.

I wish to discuss “Miss You Already.” First, however, let’s get one thing out of the way. Is your next holiday flick “Krampus” a comedy or a horror movie? From the trailer, it is unclear.

Does Toni Collette Have Cancer

Actually, it’s both. It initially appears to be a particularly family-oriented activity. It has a John Hughes-esque quality. There is wit involved. But when it takes a turn, it becomes something quite else. When something is frightening, it winks at you. Since I haven’t seen the film, I can’t comment on how awful the ending is.

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The Career of Toni Collette

After beginning her television career in 1988 with a role on the sitcom “Blah Blah Blah,” Collette went on to appear on shows such as “A Country Practice” and in a variety of stage musicals. In 1992, she made her cinematic debut in the comedy “Spotswood.” Also in the cast were Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe. In 1994, Toni released “Muriel’s Wedding,” a commercially successful film that grossed over $57 million at the box office.

Collette performed in films such as “Cosi,” “Lilian’s Story,” and “Emma” in 1996. All three earned her significant acclaim from critics. After appearing in “Clockwatchers,” Toni starred in “Velvet Goldmine,” which went on to become a cult classic. In 1999, Collette took a significant stride forward when she landed a key role in the film “The Sixth Sense.” The film grossed nearly $670 million worldwide, and Toni was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Toni first featured in “The Wild Party” in 2000, and subsequently appeared in “Shaft,” “Dinner with Friends,” “The Hours,” and “About a Boy.” Her performances were praised by the majority of critics. In 2003, she played a major role in “Japanese Story,” and in 2006, she starred in “Little Miss Sunshine.” Following a series of independent films, Collette shifted to television with shows such as “United States of Tara.” She returned to film at the end of the 2000s with appearances in “Jesus Henry Christ” and “Fright Night.”

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Collette returned to independent films throughout the subsequent years, and in 2015 she participated in the horror film “Krampus.” The next year, she co-starred with Daniel Radcliffe in “Imperium,” followed by “XXX: Return of Xander Cage.” In 2018, she gained tremendous acclaim for her portrayal in the horror film “Hereditary,” which received positive reviews. “Knives Out” was another well-received film that featured Collette alongside an all-star cast.

In 2019, she began starring in the Netflix miniseries “Unbelievable,” which became one of the network’s most-watched programmes. After starring in the 2020 film “Dream Horse,” it was reported that Toni would appear in other upcoming Netflix films.

Personal Life of Toni Collette

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whom she met on the set of “Velvet Goldmine,” was the subject of one of Toni’s first well-publicized relationships. They had a one-year relationship beginning in 1997. In 2002, Collette began dating Dave Galafassi, a well-known drummer for the band Gelbison.

The couple were wed in a traditional Buddhist ceremony in 2003. Throughout the course of their relationship, they have produced two children. Throughout the years, the family has lived in both Sydney and Los Angeles.


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