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Does Spencer Dutton Marry Alexandra? 1923 Yellowstone Characters Love Story Update!

Does Spencer Dutton Marry Alexandra? Spencer Dutton, the adopted son of Cara and Jacob Dutton, has been absent for the past six or seven years. After completing his military service in World War I, he remained in Africa and began working as a professional big game hunter. There he met the woman who would eventually become his lover, Alexandra. Yet, does Spencer actually tie the knot with Alexandra in ‘1923’?

Who are Spencer Dutton and Alexandra?

Spencer Dutton

In Yellowstone and its prequels, 1883 and 1923, Spencer Dutton is the youngest son of James and Margaret Dutton, who also had a son named John. In Yellowstone, he is portrayed by Charlie Stover, and in 1923, Brandon Sklenar takes on the role of Spencer Dutton.


In the second episode of Season 2 of 1923, we met Alexandra, a new addition to the Taylor Sheridan cast. Upon meeting Spencer Dutton, Alexandra volunteers to accompany him on his next hunting assignment. She has incredible chemistry with Spencer. To all appearances, Alexandra will play a significant role in the Duttons’ future.

Does Spencer Dutton Marry Alexandra?

Spencer and Alexandra are engaged, but they haven’t tied the knot yet. Paramount has already announced that they will get married either at the end of this season or the next, so there’s no reason to think they won’t get married in the future of the program.

Does Spencer Dutton Marry Alexandra

Unless Alex changes his mind about moving back to Montana with Spencer, I don’t see them getting married. The pair will probably return to the Yellowstone Ranch so that Spencer can join the battle effort against Donald, Banner, and his sheepherders.

For sure, Alexandra will find out that being a Dutton lady is just as terrifying and dangerous as battling a pride of lions in the wild. The couple may be planning to spend a considerable amount of time at the Ranch, and their connection to the Dutton family may be more tenuous than we originally assumed if another indication from this episode is combined with a hint from the Yellowstone series.

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When Did They Meet?

When the United States entered World War I in 1917, Spencer Dutton left his family and enrolled. He ran away from home during World War II and wound up in Africa, where he killed lions, leopards, hyenas, and other man-eating monsters for profit.

When Spencer met Alexandra, he was in between hunting jobs and living at a hotel where he was known as a war hero and one of the top hunters in the business. Although she was born into an affluent family, Alexandra was never satisfied with her comfortable, routine life. It was for this reason that she had an immediate crush on Spencer.

The catch was that Alexandra had recently become engaged to another man. However, as their conversation progressed, Spencer realized she was falling for Alex and not the other guy. What she really sought was a risk, not safety. One morning when Spencer is checking out of the hotel, Alexandra follows him and breaks off the engagement, asking him to find someone who would truly love him.

Spencer cautioned Alexandra that his line of work is not for the weak of heart because he must stare death in the face on a daily basis. Alexandra told him she was ready to do it with him, and the two of them set out on their adventure together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Did They Engage?

Spencer Dutton and Alexandra are engaged, but not yet married, as of the midseason finale of Season 1 of “1923. They’ve been through a lot together, yet their love for each other remains unwavering. So, it looks like they’ll be getting married in Yellowstone.

Who is Spencer Dutton’s Wife?

They have a son named Jack and he is married to Emma Dutton. James Dutton’s sister Claire (played by Dawn Olivieri) comes along for the ride with her daughter Mary Abel.

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