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Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer? Latest Updates in 2022!

Joseph Patrick Kenda, a retired lieutenant investigator for the Colorado Springs Police Department, conducted 387 manslaughter investigations and concluded 356 of them, for a 92 percent success rate, over the course of his 23-year tenure.

He has a show titled “Manslaughter Hunter” on Investigation Discovery in which he recounts the crimes he has investigated. Kenda has not only accomplished outstanding feats over his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, but he also broke a show rating of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDb with Discovery Channel’s most popular crime show, achieving the organization’s highest viewer rating performance.

Is Joe Kenda Suffering From Cancer?

According to one idea, Joe Kenda’s nasal scars should have malignant skin development. However, Joe does not directly address the disease-related rumours. The previous manslaughter investigator has not updated the public with any new information regarding serious medical challenges.

At the advanced age of 75, he appears happy, energised, hopeful, and vigorous while spending quality time with his wife Mary Kathleen. Mary was his longstanding high school love, and they were married in 1967. This couple is fortunate to have two children, Dan and Chris in particular.

does joe kenda have cancer

In 1996, after leaving the field of legal permission, Joe made his television debut. In the 2011 premiere of ‘The Homicide Hunter,’ in which he portrayed the complexities of his 23-year career as an investigator, he was credited as a top-rated entertainment for the first time.

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He is now working on ‘American Detective,’ which will premiere in January 2021. Moreover, in 2021 he wrote “Executioner Triggers,” a biography based on actual behaviour. How did Joe Kenda acquire his nose scar? Joe Kenda and his spouse have not commented on the circumstances surrounding Joe’s nose scars, allowing admirers to speculate.

Nobody appears to have directly asked him about the scar on his nose. According to numerous beliefs, Kenda’s nose scars were caused by a malignant skin growth or a hit to the face. Maintaining a profession as a criminal investigator is definitely risky, and he may have been attacked during examinations.

Observers on Reddit and Facebook hypothesised that the scar was caused by a dog bite when he was younger or by a drugged-out street pharmacist who struck him with a ring.

An observer reportedly said that he attempted to stow away during a mission and elected to have his nose pierced to make his pretext more convincing. Kenda’s nose activity was unsuccessful, and he now has a crooked nose.

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What is the Reason Joe Kenda is Leaving the Show?

Kenda stated, “I am more than prepared to bid farewell, as it was my idea.” After the ninth season, I ended this programme and informed Discovery that I would be leaving. The explanation was straightforward. I was out of both cartridges and casings.

does joe kenda have cancer

Does Joe Kenda Have a Daughter?

Their two children are Dan, a former United States Navy commander, and Kris, a former United States Air Force major. They all appeared in “Married to the Job,” an episode of Homicide Hunter airing on February 6, 2019, and “The End,” the series finale airing on January 29, 2020.

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Does Kenda Wear a Wig?

His fashion sense is shown by the fact that he chooses to wear wigs every day so that he can look fantastic. Joe Kenda’s successful career as an investigator for the Colorado Springs Police Department spans two decades. His full name is Lieutenant Joe Kenda. He has solved 356, out of 387, murders.


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