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Discover the Top 5 AI Writing Tools to Help You Write a Winning Application Letter

Do you understand the complete capability of modern AI writing tools? Even if you don’t want AI to write a paper or letter for you for some unknown reason, you can always use it as a beta reader. Just upload your content in the AI writing app and ask a virtual assistant to revise and improve it. Just this one simple tip can significantly improve your performance, help you obtain better grades and help you write a winning application letter!

AI writing tools are not perfect, but these tools can definitely help you write better text. You can order expert assistance from an essay writing paper by asking, “write my paper,” or give AI assistance a chance. We strongly recommend remembering that the application letter is imperative for your education and academic career, and it will be wise to give it your best shot.

What Is an Application Letter

An application letter, also referred to as a cover letter, is a formal document that job seekers often send alongside their resume or CV when applying for jobs. The purpose of an application letter is to introduce oneself, shed more insight about one’s credentials and experiences detailed in the resume, and explain why one may be well fitted for the specific role applied for. It allows applicants to highlight significant achievements or skills relevant to the position that can’t be fully expressed within the limits of a standard CV.

Why Application Letter Is Significant for Your Future

The application letter is your best opportunity to capture the attention of your best employer. It’s always difficult to stand out from the crowd and explain why the company should hire you. It would definitely be best to compose a solid and catchy application letter. A solid cover letter will boost your chances of being noticed and making it to the technical interview stage.

Grammarly’s AI-Powered Writing Assistant

The first AI writing tool to consider is the AI-powered writing assistant from Grammarly. We all know Grammarly as a reliable and efficient writing tool, and every experienced writer nowadays uses Grammarly to revise their papers.

Now Grammarly has presented new features for its writing tool: you can use AI to write, check and improve your text. AI-powered writing assistants from Grammarly may not be the best solution on the market, but it’s free for their regular users, and you can always give it a chance.

We would say that Grammarly’s assistant is perfect for improving and revising existing text, but it’s not so excellent for writing new ones. You’ll definitely want to run your letter through Grammarly, but there are better instruments to help you write a cover letter from scratch.


Jasper is probably your first choice as a reliable and powerful AI writing tool. Jasper is incredibly popular; it has a solid reputation and an excellent AI-integrated platform. You could write, edit and rewrite text with Jasper; some people will say it is the best writing solution on the market.

Jasper is a reliable, excellent, and outstanding solution. But you don’t need Jasper to get help with writing a cover letter for a job interview. Jasper is a complex, bulky app for expert editors and those who work with content daily. Additionally, Jasper is a pretty expensive platform and should only be considered if you need all its features.

Notion is an elegant alternative to monumental Jasper. It’s simple, graceful, and effective. You can improve or revise your content in one click, tune the text tone, and write from scratch. The essence of Notion is an incredibly powerful text editor with an integrated AI assistant.

We recommend Notion for simple tasks, minor adjustments, and final revisions. Its editor is outstanding thanks to its clear design and various interactive options. Writing in the Notion is nice; you will obtain confidence and relax in the process. is an excellent tool for eCommerce and digital marketing. It can analyze, rewrite, copy, merge, and parse content. The platform has various templates with precisely calibrated AI assistants to simplify eMarketing daily routine significantly.

But is expensive and deeply customized for specific needs. Technically you can use the service to get help with creating a cover letter, but you don’t want to use it this way. We recommend considering other options from our top list and leaving to the specialists for whom it was originally created.


The last option to get help with cover letters is WriteSonic is a simple, straightforward, and powerful platform to do the job. You will not be able to calibrate it precisely and will not have the wide selection of customized options and user templates, but you will get assistance with writing.

If you need fast and reliable writing assistance, just choose WriteSonic and get the job done. If you don’t have time or energy to explore the brave new world of complex platforms, this website can become your favorite straightforward solution.

The Bottom Line

AI writing tools are a powerful addition to your writing process that should not be ignored. It will be wise to use AI apps to revise and improve your writing, no matter the subject. You can improve cover letters, corporate messages, or college essays with AI tools. You can use this brand-new solution to generate new ideas, track unnoticeable mistakes, or obtain inspiration.

It is impossible to stop progress; as a writer, you also need to adapt. AI apps can be a great ally and can help significantly improve your content, but virtual assistance requires elegant guidance and careful control at every stage.

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