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Dino Morea Wife: What Is Dino Morea Doing Now?

We associate Dino Morea’s name with the ’90s because of the memorable roles he has played in films like Raaz. Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu were once the hottest pair in Bollywood. Since the two ex-lovers split up and moved on with their lives, a long period has passed. But despite this, they have a friendly relationship with each other. While Bipasha Singh Grover has been married to Karan Singh Grover for the past four years, Dino is still a single man.

Dino Morea’s Instagram account is a pleasure for his admirers because of his witty remarks. Dino is also one of those fortunate performers in the industry whose age appears to grow backwards. This is important to keep in mind. Dino’s Instagram photos are proof that he’s ageing like a fine wine. Nandita Mahtani, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, and Adhuna Bhabani (Farhan Akhtar’s ex-wife) are among the ladies Dino has been linked to in the past. The’singlehood’ posture is still being maintained by Dino, and we have an interview where Dino discusses his marriage prospects. To find out more, continue reading!


Even his given name is excessively long. As a result, he is referred to as Dino by his peers. He is a devout Christian who happens to be Indian.

Dino Morea Wife

His birthday is the 9th of December, 1975. In the year 2022, Dino Morea will be 47 years old. He was born in the Indian state of Karnataka, in the city of Bangalore. He was born and raised in Italy, where he spent much of his early years.


  • A height of 5’11”
  • It weighs 84 kg.
  • His complexion is light. Dino Morea stands at a height of 5′ 11″. He’s a tall, good-looking man. He’s an 84-kilogram heavyweight. Let’s take a look at his stature. He has a 44-inch chest, a 34-inch waist, and 15-inch biceps.

Solicitor’s Office of Dino Morea

He hasn’t yet tied the knot. Those who haven’t heard about it are looking for Dino’s wife on the internet. It’s been widely reported that he’s engaged to get married to his girlfriend Nandita. They haven’t married, though.

You may also learn more about Arjun Sarja’s family members, including his wife, age, and daughter.



In his past, he had several girlfriends. Many notable actresses have been in relationships with Dino.

  • Bipasha Basu photos, pictures, and information.
  • Lara Dutta – Pictures of Lara Dutta.
  • These photographs are of Nandita Mahtani.
  • Dino Morea and Nandita Mahtani are now romantically linked. Since 2010, they have been together.


In addition to being a model, Dino Morea is also an actor in Bollywood. He began his career in the fashion industry. However, he is no longer a model. In the beginning, he worked as a model for a clothing firm. Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi Kabhi was the first Bollywood film he was offered to star in 1999. This was his directorial debut. Later, he worked on other films.

TV shows have occasionally featured him. He appeared on “Khatro Ke Khiladi” in 2010 and “I Can Do That” in 2016.


  • Mother of Dino Morea
  • A picture of Dino Morea and his mom
  • Now, I’d like to tell you about Dino Morea’s family. Ronaldo Aka Ronnie Morea is his father’s name. He is a native of the Italian-speaking country.

Dino Morea Wife

Edna Morea is the name of his mother. The country of her origin is India. He has two additional brothers as well. Nicolo Morea is his older brother, and Santino Morea is his younger brother.


Everyone has a few interests. Dino Morea, on the other hand, has a few pastimes, including watching movies. He’s a big movie buff. He also enjoys the water.


He has a wide range of interests. In terms of a favourite actor or actress, he has a preference.

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A talented actor, Shah Rukh Khan, is a particular favourite of his. His favourite actor is Shah Rukh Khan. His favourite actress, Madhuri Dixit, is also a favourite of his.

List of Films

  • Here are some of Dino Morea’s filmography. I hope that you’ll enjoy it. Raaz is a masterpiece of Dino’s.

a film called Acid Factory was released in 2009

  • He made his feature film debut with Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, which was released in 1999.
  • Raaz was a huge success. Raaz, a 2002 horror film, is one to watch. People are still watching and enjoying this film. In my opinion, one of the best Bollywood films ever made.
  • ‘Baaz,’ a film from the year 2003, is a good example.
  • In 2006, Aksar was released.
  • In 2007, Dus Kahaniyaan was released.
  • 2008 saw the release of the film Bhram.
  • In 2010, Pyaar Impossible was released.

Helmets from the latest blockbuster films.

Dino Morea was born to an Italian father and an Indian mother in Bangalore, India.

Mother:  Kalamassery, Kerala; father:

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Santino Morea, his younger brother, is his older sibling, whereas Nicolo Morea is his elder sibling.

After graduating from St. Joseph’s College in Bangalore and Clarence High School, he began his military career at Bangalore Military School. In the fashion industry, he was first spotted and obtained his first film offer.

What’s Dino Morea Up to These Days?

In Solo, seven years after Pyaar Impossible, Dino had his first starring role in a Malayalam film. Among his many digital roles since last year is those in Mentalhood, Hostages, and Tandav. He recently starred as the villain in The Empire and has received a lot of positive feedback for his work.


As “Sonic” in Captain Vyom, Morea made his television acting debut. On Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, he starred alongside Rinke Khanna in his film debut. In Kandukondain Kandukondain, a Tamil film directed by Rajiv Menon, he had a breakout performance. He also appeared in Raaz, a 2002 horror film, and Gunaah, a thriller. [4] Baaz: A Bird in Danger, Ssshhh…, Rakht, and Acid Factory are just a few of his other notable films. [5] In 2010, he took part in Khatron Ke Khiladi as a contender.

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In 1998, he and Bipasha Basu appeared in an ad for the underwear maker Calida that sparked outrage because of a scene in which he bit her underpants. It was taken down in the end.

As It Pertains to My Own Life

Bipasha Basu was Morea’s girlfriend from 1996 to 2002.


In the film industry, Dino Morea is known as an actor in Bollywood.

Dino Morea Wife

He has appeared in numerous Bollywood films and has established himself as a leading actor in the industry. When he began his career, he worked as a model for several high-end fashion brands.

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