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Did Ray Charles Cheat on His Wife?

Did Ray Charles Cheat on His Wife? He always had his own style when he played country, rhythm, blues, or rock and roll. Ray Charles Robinson was born in Albania in 1930. He has been called a genius several times. He started making music when he was young, but by the time he was seven, he was blind because of glaucoma.

When Ray was 15, he went to the St. Augustine School for Deaf and Blind Students to study piano. After his mother died, he stopped making music for a living. The start of his career was in the late 1940s. “I Got A Woman” was one of his first big singles.

Still, he became well-known in the 1950s when he had a series of hits like “The Night Time is the Right Time,” “Lonely Avenue,” and “What I’d Say.” In 1961, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, the album he made, went Gold. He later made a few albums, for which he received nine Grammies.

Ray Charles was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989. With 34 CDs to his name, he is known as one of the best musicians and pianists in the United States. He is also remembered as an innovative artist.

Did Ray Charles Cheat on His Wife?

Ray got married because he wanted to do everything he could to help his career, which included being with someone who would make him easy to reach. Eileen didn’t like being in the spotlight, which gave him more solitude than other wives would have.

Because she enjoyed music, Eileen Williams also liked him, therefore they never had any troubles or fights that may have made their marriage hard. It’s not known when they got a divorce, but it happened in a friendly way.

Eileen Williams told him that she didn’t know they were going to get married. She simply said yes because she thought that was what he wanted, and he promised to be her manager in exchange.

Did Ray Charles Cheat on his Wife?

After being married for just one year, they had four kids. By the end of their marriage, Ray Charles was deaf and blind in one eye because of glaucoma, an illness that got worse when he was in a vehicle accident. After he stopped going on tour and started working with more studio musicians, he also battled bipolar disorder and sadness.

In 1955, after getting divorced from his first wife in 1952, he married Della Beatrice Howard. On tours and at parties, they were spotted together.

In 1954, they first met in Texas. In 1955, Ray Charles Robertson Jr. was their first child. They had two additional children, who they raised in View Park, California.

Ray Charles’s Extramarital Affairs

Ray Charles was found to have been having an affair with one of the original Raelettes, Margie Hendrix, for six years. Hendrix stated, “I know I’ve loved him since I was a teenager.” This sounds like the love of her life. Charles started the affair when he asked Hendrix to come to his place in Los Angeles so he could add more Raelettes to his list.

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Charles heard Hendrix sing at a party, and he wanted her to be one of his Raelettes. She turned him down, though, because she didn’t want to be a part of his group. He told her, “Right now, you are making the biggest mistake of your life” when she changed her mind. But she still joined his band, and soon after, the affair began.

Charles saw that Hendrix was good, so he made her one of his soloists. In 1960, she was on his big-selling record The Genius Sings the Blues. She also joined Charles on his 1964 tour at the Apollo.

When an American magazine called Jet wrote about it in 1994, both Charles and Hendrix said they had nothing to do with it. Still, Hendrix confirmed it later when Richard Carpenter questioned her for a book he was preparing about Raelette’s history. (Baldwin, 2012)

Charles was married to Annie LaRue and Della Bea Robinson before, and they had children. In 1959, they even had a son named Charles Wayne. He was also said to have had an affair with Mae Mosely Lyles and had a daughter named Renee.

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