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Did James and Ally Break Up? Find Out the Truth Here!

James and Ally, did they break up? Find out the latest news about James Kennedy and Ally Lewber’s relationship. Learn about their fast-paced marriage and any changes that have happened recently in their relationship.
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James Kennedy About

DJ, music producer, and reality TV star James Kennedy is multifaceted. Born on January 24, 1992, he is famous for his entertainment business work.

As a DJ and music producer, James has shown his love of music and talent for making catchy tracks. He has built a loyal fanbase through his performances.

Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy is also a musician. The sitcom covers Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant staff’s personal and professional life. James’s participation in the show has allowed viewers to follow his music career and personal life, making him a reality television star.

James is known for his charisma, swagger, and drama on Vanderpump Rules. His on-screen presence and interactions with other cast members have made him a standout character on the program and shaped its dynamics.

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James’s career as a DJ, music producer and reality star shows his enthusiasm for entertainment and his desire to succeed in numerous fields. James Kennedy continues to influence music and reality television with his talent, charisma, and admiration.

Did James and Ally Break Up?

James and Ally break up and then reconcile. Vanderpump Rules actor James Kennedy and his girlfriend Ally Lewber split unexpectedly. James broke up with Raquel Leviss a few months prior. In March 2022, James’ agent said he had been dating for a few months and was “super happy and excited to see what the future holds.”

Their romance looks to have ended. “I’m kind of seeing someone,” James said on February’s “Give Them Lala” podcast. Ally’s Vanderpump Rules appearance is too early to predict. I like her. We’ll see. I can’t ask a female.”

Despite slowing down and enjoying each other, the relationship ended. The former SUR busser and Belmont University graduate publicly publicized their love on social media and appeared together on the iHeartRadio Awards red carpet in March 2022. James was engaged to Raquel Leviss for seven months before they split in December 2021.

Did James and Ally Break Up

In an Instagram statement, the ex-couple said they still cared but were no longer in love. The Vanderpump Rules reunion filmed the split. The couple discussed their feelings and decision when Raquel returned her engagement ring.

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Since their divorce, James has said he felt like he “dodged a bullet” after finding that Raquel had planned an “un-engagement” party with her pals. He wanted a clear answer because he believed they were not meant to be together.

James may focus on self-improvement after Ally’s breakup. Vanderpump Rules fans will follow his romantic life with interest.

Are James and Ally Still Together?

James and Ally are together. James Kennedy found love quickly after his public breakup with Raquel Leviss. James began dating entertainment journalist Ally Lewber in January 2022, and their relationship flourished. James told Lala Kent’s “Give Them Lala” podcast in February that he was “taking his time” with Ally.

In March 2022, they made their romance Instagram official. James called Ally his best friend and shared many images of them together in an appreciation post. James and Ally’s bond deepened over time. In March 2022, they traveled to Tulum, Mexico, and shared their love on social media.

In April 2022, the pair enjoyed Coachella under the desert sky. James said they were “really, truly best friends” and believed in their future in July 2022. Ally was more hesitant in expressing her affection than James, but she assured him she loved him passionately.

In August 2022, James and Ally shared ice cream in Venice Beach. Openly discussing their relationship seemed to deepen their affection. As the Vanderpump Rules season 10 debut approaches in February 2023, Ally confessed that James was the more romantic of the two.

On the broadcast, James explained that he met Ally a few weeks after his breakup with Raquel and knew he had found something special with her. James and Ally’s whirlwind romance showed people that love can come unexpectedly and survive a public breakup.

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Reality TV viewers loved the couple’s genuine love and willingness to take their time and create a solid relationship. James and Ally’s admirers eagerly await their relationship’s growth, illustrating that sometimes the most miraculous connections emerge when you least expect them.

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