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Despite their disagreement over drug testing, Joe Rogan claims to “respect” Conor McGregor.

Despite the fact that Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor recently engaged in a feud that went viral, Joe Rogan professed some admiration for Conor McGregor on the 1911 episode of the JRE podcast.

Joe Rogan does not frequently find himself caught in a heated fight with another person over a significant amount of time, despite the fact that he has aired his view on a variety of subjects. This is because Joe Rogan does not often find himself embroiled in a feud.

However, at the end of November, the podcast giant found himself in the limelight of UFC star Conor McGregor, who branded him a “little fool” and derided his comment after Rogan said that McGregor was beaten in one of his fights. Rogan had indicated that McGregor was beaten in one of his fights.

In December, Infamous continued his assault on Rogan by tweeting images of the JRE host’s physique at the age of 52 and implying that Rogan had used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to achieve it. However, a few hours later he removed them from his computer.

Joe Rogan praises Conor McGregor’s efforts in the UFC

Rogan gave his response to these charges in a podcast he recorded on December 13 with Stavros Halkias. In the podcast, Rogan mocked McGregor’s posts and implied that McGregor was correct in his insinuations.

Well, during his podcast on December 15 with Mark Boal, Rogan made another step toward burying the hatchet when he applauded McGregor and other UFC fighters for entering the cage to fight. This shows that Rogan is making an effort to put the past behind him. A commentator for the UFC noted that the fighters had “chosen to attempt something ridiculously difficult.”

“I have absolutely nothing except the utmost regard for those who are truly excellent. A person like Conor McGregor could give the impression that he is completely insane because of the amount of nonsense that he says. He is a remarkable and unique individual. It’s rare for someone to be able to do what he does and utter all the garbage that he says, and then walk into the octagon and fuck people. He’s one of X million individuals that can do that.

The mental games that Conor McGregor performed with Jose Aldo back in 2015, when he was striving for stardom in the UFC, were one of the examples that Rogan used to characterise McGregor as “amazing” in both his physique and his mind.

On the other hand, it is unknown at this time whether or not the featherweight icon will return Rogan’s affection or continue to engage in his conversation.

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