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Dede Robertson Cause of Death: Here’s Dede’s Cute Love Story With Pat Robertson!

Dede Robertson, wife of religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and founding board member of the Christian Broadcasting Network, passed away at her Virginia Beach residence on April 19, 2022. She was 94 years old.

In a statement, the network announced her demise but did not specify the cause. Mrs. Robertson converted to Christianity several months after her husband’s conversion. The couple, who met in 1952 at Yale University, lived in a roach-infested commune in New York before Pat Robertson purchased a minuscule television station in Virginia that would become the Christian Broadcasting Network.

According to The Associated Press, Robertson’s spouse was engaged in politics until he discovered Christianity. He startled her by emptying their booze, ripping a naked print from the wall, and announcing that he had discovered the Lord.

They relocated to Bedford-Stuyvesant because Robertson said God commanded him to sell all his things and minister to the destitute. Robertson told The Associated Press that she felt tempted to return to Ohio, “but I recognized it was not what the Lord would have me do… I pledged to remain, and so I did.”

Pat Robertson Wedded His Wife In 1952 Until Her Passing in 2022

In 1952, Dede, born Adelia Elmer, and Pat first met at Yale University. The native of Ohio obtained a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University and a master’s degree from Yale. Later, when the Robertsons founded the Christian Broadcasting Network, she converted from Catholicism to born-again Christianity.

Despite their long marriage, Dede battled at times with her Southern-born husband’s conventional attitudes. “I was a Northerner, and Northern men just help a little more around the house.” “I noticed that as we moved further south, he did less,” she said in her memoirs.

Dede Robertson Cause of Death

However, she acknowledged that Pat’s work was critical, and Dede was a founder member of the CBN. She and Pat had four children while she served as the senior US delegate to the Inter-American Commission of Women and published multiple books, among other notable achievements.

Several of Pat and Dede Robertson’s Four Children Worked at CBN

In addition to being globally renowned Christian leaders, the Robertsons had four children. Two sons, Gordon and Tim, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Ann, would join the family. Gordon is the president and CEO of CBN.

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Gordon issued the following statement upon Dede’s passing: “Mom was the adhesive that bound the Robertson family together. She was always laboring in the background. If not for Mother, there would be no CBN.”

Tim hosted the CBN’s flagship program The 700 Club and has served the network in other capacities. Elizabeth and Ann do not work for the family enterprise, as far as we are aware.

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