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Dear David Ending Explained: How Does Laras’s Secret Get Expose?

Dear David Ending Explained: The world premiere of the new Indonesian high school drama film Dear David was placed on Netflix on February 10, 2023. Lucky Kuswandi helmed the film, which Winnie Benjamin, Daud Sumolang, and Muhammad Zaidy co-wrote.

The plot centers on a young woman’s quest to learn to love and accept herself. The producers are Meiske Taurisia and Muhammad Zaidy.

The film stars Shenina Cinnamon as Laras and Emir Mahira as the title character, David. It also stars Caitlin North Lewis, who plays Dila.

Robert Cauble served as cinematographer, and Maksal Mina composed the score. It lasts for about 120 minutes in total.

Dear David Ending Explained

While away together, David and Laras began to get to know each other again. David had a panic attack and began hyperventilating throughout their forest adventure.

He went on to say that he had been dealing with the problem for a very long time and that his father was completely unaware of it. The traumatic experience of his mother’s abandonment of his father was the primary cause.

Laras comforted him, explaining that she could relate to his feelings because she, too, had lost her father at an early age.

Dear David Ending Explained
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She began reciting a story to him in an effort to calm him down, and the protagonists were strikingly similar to David and herself. They became closer and began to fall in love with one other all over again.

How Does Laras’s Secret Get Expose?

David writes to Laras to inquire about the story’s progression. Laras retorts that the soccer player returns to the writer’s cabin only to discover that she has left. They exchanged notes, but he didn’t read them till today. To David, I begin this letter.

Dilla used the peaceful time after she and David broke up to review the texts he had sent her. Dilla finds out that David was aware that Laras was the writer.

Nobody said anything when the harassment reached the point of getting her suspended. When she receives a message, she photographs it for posterity.

The following day, everyone at school, students and faculty alike, finds out Laras’ secret. The teacher takes Laras’ phone and returns Dilla’s.

What Happens With Laras and David?

Laras has to keep up her GPA, so even though she lost her scholarship, the school won’t kick her out. The principal asks her to apologize in front of the whole school, but Arya, the student who put the story online, gets away with it.

When David has a panic attack before a game, his father is there. In the end, he comforts his son and takes him to get help.

Laras thinks about it and decides not to apologize as her principal had asked. Instead, she apologizes to the people she has hurt with her words: David, whom she has written about as an object; Dilla, who has been bullied because of her; and herself, for feeling ashamed of her writings when she was a girl in love.

Dear David Ending Explained
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She stresses that the institution did not punish Arya for telling other people her stories. She says that the kids’ right to privacy is not important to the school. She is kicked out of school, but everyone cheers for her.

She confidently exits the school building and finds David waiting for her. David opens the letter and reads aloud the love confession Laras sent to him.

She interrupts his attempt to express his emotions by kissing him. Dilla and Laras are back on good terms after he has a romantic encounter with a woman at the aquarium.

Laras has finally come to terms with who she is and knows that she doesn’t need to alter that.

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Do Laras and Dilla Reconcile?

As a result of Laras’s confrontation, Dilla reveals her secret and informs Laras that she makes everything about herself. As a result, Laras is better able to see her own flaws. And not only is she ridiculed and excluded from both her school and her faith, but she is also physically threatened.

David comforts her by sitting next to her, and her mother tells her that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t get into college or if she doesn’t get into the college of her choice because she’s a daughter like her.

Laras trespasses on Dilla’s property in an effort to make up with her. She claims that causing pain to Dilla is her single greatest regret. And Dilla says she’s been hurting all along because she hasn’t loved her as more than a friend.

Dilla hid her genuine feelings from Laras for fear of being misunderstood and branded a weirdo. Laras reassures her that she’s normal and how lucky she is to have met someone who accepts her for who she is.

She assures Dilla that she’ll be there for him no matter what, and the two friends are able to make up.

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