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When Did Dawn Oxley Disappear? Dawn Oxley, Victim of a Murder in Her Sleep, Has Died (Obituary)

Dawn Oxley Death: Recently, Dawn Oxley’s death was reported on the Internet, but there is no proof of this. Since Dawn Oxley’s death was announced on the internet, many people are very sad and are sending their respects to her family.

People are paying a lot of attention to the news right now because so many people are looking for information about Dawn Oxley.

They are very curious about whether or not Dawn Oxley is dead. We know more about the news and will tell you about it in this story.

Who is Dawn Oxley?

Benjamin “Ben” Oxley’s ex-wife, Dawn Oxley, was accused of killing her ex-husband. Ben’s head was shot in his bedroom in February 2008, and the investigation led to James Mcclean, who was dating Ben’s ex-wife.

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Dawn Oxley’s help was very important to the case, and James was found guilty of killing Ben because of what she said. In exchange for her statement, she wasn’t charged with a crime.

Dawn Oxley death

Dawn and Ben met in 1997, and they began dating soon after. They got married in 1999, and their daughter Alyssa was six years old when the event happened.

But in 2004, they split up, and in 2006, Ben married Melissa Oxley. After they broke up, he got full control of Alyssa and Dawn had to pay child support every month. Because of this, Ben and her relationship was full of trouble.

Is Dawn Oxley Died?

I know you want to know if Dawn Oxley is still alive or not. There have been rumors about her death, according to a source, but let’s make it clear that these stories are not true.

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Dawn Oxley’s death has been rumored, but there is no real proof or official word to back it up. She is a private person who doesn’t want people to know about her private life. Let’s give her space and stop spreading stories that aren’t true.

What Happened to Dawn Oxley?

On February 21, 2008, Melissa reportedly found herself making a scary call to the emergency services. She found Ben with a gunshot wound to the head. His life was on the line. At first, Dawn’s ex-boyfriend seemed to be the most likely suspect.

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During the next few months of the investigation, the police focused on Dawn. They looked into her connection with James Matlin and where they lived together.

Dawn Oxley death

Dawn’s son told the cops that his mother planned Ben’s death to get out of paying child support and get custody of Alyssa. Dawn said that she had fallen asleep on the couch earlier that night. To learn more about the news, scroll down to the next page.

The news that Dawn has died is spreading on social media sites. People aren’t sure what to think about this news. According to the story, Dawn is still alive and well.

The next movie in the ID series, called “Does Murder Sleep?”, is set to come out on August 2, 2023. It will tell the gripping story of how Ben Oxley was killed.

Ben Oxley’s wife, Melissa Oxley, woke up in the middle of the night on February 21, 2008, and found his dead body. Here, we’ve given you all the information we have.

Death Notice: Dawn Oxley

Since quite some time ago, the obituary for Dawn Oxley has been one of the most discussed topics on the internet. The enthralling storyline that surrounds the death of Ben Oxley is going to be revealed in the upcoming installment of the ID series, which is going to be titled “Does Murder Sleep?” and will make its appearance on August 2, 2023.

It is said that his ex-spouse, Dawn Oxley, and her lover, James Matlean, are involved in the eerie story. The event, which took place in 2008, cast a gloomy shadow when Ben Oxley, an air conditioning repairman, met a tragic end in his sleep, falling victim to a fatal shotgun blast in Minden, Nevada. The incident took place in 2008.


Dawn Oxley was a woman who got caught up in a major event on February 21, 2008. Ben Oxley was her husband, and they had a daughter named Alyssa.

Their marriage had problems, which led to them getting split in 2004. After the court case, Ben was given full control of their daughter, and Dawn was ordered to pay child support every month. After her marriage broke up, Dawn Oxley took it upon herself to start over.

Getting through the mental and financial parts of the breakup was a difficult time for her. When the court gave Ben full custody, Dawn had to deal with the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see her daughter every day.

The reports about Dawn Oxley’s death are not true and have no good evidence to back them up. She is a private person who doesn’t want people to know about her private life.

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