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(+5.78%) Visa Card | How to Create Account and Obtain a Visa With Following Steps!

To better serve users who are constantly on the move, the Visa Card has been enhanced with new benefits. Select cards will have complementary and unrestricted access to the LoungeKeyTM Airport Lounge Access programme, competitive interbank exchange rates, and no international transaction fees, which are already included in the Visa Card’s existing travel rewards programme. accepts a broad variety of cryptocurrencies, and the selected cryptocurrency is converted to USD at market value and then placed onto the Rewards Visa. After then, it can be used just like a credit or debit card.

Card tier-specific benefits such as increased cashback and reimbursements are available when the required CRO is pledged for that card level. This is determined by the card level for which you have staked.


Cardholders who retain their existing CRO Card Stake will retain their benefits but will lose them if the stake is unlocked. To take advantage of the new Card Staking Rates, cardholders must either upgrade their card tier or deactivate and reactivate their CRO Card Stake. If a user unstakes a card with new fiat-based rates, they will receive their accumulated CRO in full.

In Terms of Examples

Because CRO equals USD 0.08 ($400/$0.08), a user wagers 5,000 of them on a Ruby Card.

It makes no difference if the CRO price is higher or lower at the time that somebody unstakes; they will still receive 5,000 CRO.

Comprehensive Information on Rebates

When you receive a CRO Reward, your Wallet App will be credited with CRO Tokens. The CRO Rewards programme does not accept transactions made with the following merchant categories or channels: Visa Card

digital wallets, digital banking services, cryptocurrency exchanges, stored value products, money remittance services, security brokers/dealers, insurance sales, underwriting, premiums, tax payments, government services, financial institutions, POI funding transactions, quasi cash, and money orders – wire transfers.

To obtain the transaction’s CRO value, a CRO Wallet deposit will be made to the cardholder’s CRO Wallet.

How Can I Obtain a Visa From

Along with being made of metal and having an exquisite design, Visa cards (which are exclusive to CRO token holders) give CRO rewards and much more, saving App users a lot of money! Additional information regarding the awards accessible to users Visa Card – Rewards is where Visa cardholders may be discovered. Banks frequently charge hundreds of dollars per year for metal credit cards for their most prized customers. CRO token holders can obtain them for free at

Fees that do not repeat


The initial setup is complimentary.

Please follow the steps indicated below to apply for a Visa Card.

To begin, you must create an account.

To obtain your Visa Card, complete our KYC form on the App.



Please keep in mind that the App is only compatible with Android and iOS devices.


After you’ve downloaded the app and completed our KYC, navigate to the “Card” page in the lower right corner of the app. After then, you can stake the CRO equal to the chosen card tier. Staking rates for CROs are accessible here. Three stages are required to finish the process: Visa Card

Accept the Terms and Conditions of Use Because the lock-up period is 180 days long, you’ll need enough CRO in your App wallet to last that long. B. Instructions for staking can be found on this page.

The Following Step

The following section requires you to enter and confirm your shipment address. Visit this link to learn more about proof of address.

Nota bene: Once the address documents have been reviewed, customers will receive a virtual card in the App. There is also the option of ordering a physical card (optional). If you live in the European Union/United Kingdom or the United States, you can learn more about virtual and real cards here.

Delivery is the third phase in the procedure.
Once the VISA cards are available for distribution, all users will be prompted to stake CRO.

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Once all of the above procedures have been completed and the card has been shipped, the App will update the card’s status.


This page contains further information about the Visa Card programme and application.’s Visa Card Issuing Status
If you’ve submitted your proof of address, keep a watch on the Card Issue Status on the card reservation page; once it changes to Shipped, your card will be on its way!

Estimated Time of Arrival – Shipped
For Singaporean cards, you should expect your card to arrive within 3-7 business days.

Obtaining Incentives

CRO Rewards can be exchanged for cash by cardholders of the Rewards Visa card. On’s platform, it is possible to swap’s CRO tokens for other digital coins or even fiat currency.

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you’ll earn at each card level. According to the Obsidian card, the majority of purchases qualify for up to 8% CRO back. Unfortunately,

The amount of money required negates the significance of the highest card for anyone but the most passionate bitcoin enthusiasts. Because Obsidian and Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White, the two highest tiers, are out of reach for the majority of individuals, the alleged “up to 8%” rate is inaccurate.


Unlike traditional credit and debit cards, the Visa rewards card requires you to “stake” funds. “Staking” is a term that refers to the act of depositing funds on a single platform for a defined period.

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In the case of the Rewards Visa, that would be and their CRO coin. As of February 2021, the value of CRO tokens ranges between $0.09 and $0.12, depending on the state of the cryptocurrency market. Customers are essentially making debt to the card issuer in exchange for a range of benefits given by

The Crypto com Visa card’s purpose is unknown; what does it do? Visa Card

On, users can load their Visa cards using their bank accounts or cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptocurrencies can be instantly converted and stored in an individual’s balance.


Due to the global rise of the cryptocurrency movement, digital currency ownership is at an all-time high. Cryptocurrency cards are entering the market to enable cryptocurrency owners to rapidly access their assets for real-world spending, rather than just for speculative trading or banking.

The Rewards Visa, which advertises itself as the most widely accepted card of its kind, offers its clients a simple way to make transactions while simultaneously giving them bonuses and other perks.

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