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Crypterium: Is It Wise to Put Money Into Crypterium? What’s the Market Value of This?

Crypterium Market Value and Price: Is It Wise to Put Money Into Crypterium? What’s the Market Value of This?

What is Crypterium?

In the digital or virtual money world, a cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is protected by encryption, making it almost difficult to counterfeit or double spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a distant network of computers—which is used by a large number of cryptocurrencies to operate.

Crypterium: Is It Wise to Put Money Into Crypterium? What's the Market Value of This?

Because cryptocurrencies are not issued by any central authority, they are theoretically resistant to meddling or manipulation by governments. This is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of cryptocurrency.

How to Apply For a Crypterium Card?

  • In only a few minutes, you may place an order for a Crypterium card.
  • Create an account with
  • Looking down at the bottom of the app for the Card logo, choose it and press it to place an order for a card.
  • You’ll be given the choice of buying either a virtual card or a physical card, or both. Select the “Order the plastic” option from the drop-down menu. Payment of €14.99 will be required to have the card shipped to your home address, which you will be required to provide.
  • To establish your identity and address, you will need to complete the verification process if you have not previously done so.
  • Choose a payment option from the drop-down menu (for the card delivery fee).
  • You will be asked to activate your card once you have clicked “Pay” and your credit card request has been authorized.
  • It is possible to begin using your card immediately once you have activated it and received your card in the mail.

How does the Crypterium Card Work?

It is possible to deposit cryptocurrency from your wallet onto the Crypterium card and use it to pay for products and services in fiat currency. It’s a little like a standard prepaid card in several ways. It is accessible for free through the app, and you may select between a virtual card, a physical card, or both. You can also choose between a virtual card and a plastic card.

There are no monthly fees if you use the card to make purchases totaling at least €299 or more each month. If you want a physical card, you’ll have to pay a delivery price of €14.99 as well as a 2 percent loading fee. Additional fees include a 2.5 percent international transaction fee and a €0.25 cost when paying with an online or Apple Pay transaction, among other things. Please see our fees and restrictions table for more information on this.

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If you compare the Crypterium card to other crypto cards on the market, it has the advantage of being available in a large number of countries, including Ireland, making it a more adaptable alternative for consumers with restricted payment choices. There is no reward on purchases and no access to benefits such as Netflix or Amazon, which makes the fees prohibitively expensive.

Furthermore, if you do not spend more than €299 every month on the card, it may not be the best option for you because you will be required to pay the €2.99 monthly maintenance cost.

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Main Benefits of the Crypterium Card

  • The digital assets stored in your Crypterium wallet are completely protected.
  • Exceptionally effective security measures, such as two-factor authentication, passwords, and encryption, are in place.
  • The card may be frozen or unfrozen immediately. There are no monthly maintenance costs as long as you spend a minimum of €299 or more each month.

Main Drawbacks of the Crypterium Card

  • Charges exorbitant fees for all ATM withdrawals and top-ups, regardless of the amount.
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

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It’s Important to Know How the Crypterium Card Compares to a Debit Card

Using your Crypterium card and wallet, you may convert your crypto into euros quickly. A feature that standard prepaid cards do not have. However, the Crypterium card does not come with any benefits or promises of cashback. Each time you add money to your Crypterium card, you’ll be charged an additional 2 percent.

Following a Funding Round, Crypterium Aims to Dominate Digital Banking

Crypterium Defies Expectations

Crypterium had a goal of obtaining €1 million from its Europe-only funding round, but the company exceeded this target in less than 36 hours. Ultimately, the campaign, which was hosted on Seedrs, collected a total of €3.1 million, with more than 2600 investors taking part in the process.

The firm is currently valued at €85 million, and it intends to seek further funds from investors outside of Europe through other fundraising events. They were unable to participate due to European investment rules at the time, but the firm plans to host other fundraisers in the future that will hopefully follow in the footsteps of the previous ones.

Following the completion of the crowd-investing campaign, the firm has provided an update on how monies will be distributed. Some of the objectives include the expansion of B2B business units, worldwide marketing initiatives, the acquisition of fiat currency licenses, and the upgrading of product and customer support.

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The fact that members of the Crypterium team directly engaged in the fundraising round, investing more than €600,000 to this private equity sale, is noteworthy. A strong conviction in Crypterium’s potential, as well as a desire to see it expand, were given as the reasons for this decision.

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Crypterium entered the cryptocurrency market at a time when it was entering a new stage of development, and its management anticipates that the industry will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

“Everyone, sooner or later, will come to understand the significance of digital currencies. It was just a handful of years ago that no one could have imagined that central banks would explore building their own digital assets. Here we are, with bankers all around the world rushing to be a part of this exciting change in the financial system…. Crypterium, I believe, is particularly positioned to capitalise on this new era of technology “VISA’s current Chief Executive Officer and previous General Director, Steven Parker, shared his thoughts.

Why Crypterium is on Top

While the amount of money raised by the firm in such a short period of time is impressive, the company has established itself as the go-to spot for digital asset management throughout the course of the years. Some of their most popular products are the Crypterium Wallet and the Crypterium Card, which has no fees associated with it.

The wallet enables for the simple storage of digital assets on both Android and iOS devices, as well as desktop computers in more than 170 countries across the world. In addition to being able to shop at over 42 million stores globally, the Crypterium VISA card also allows users to withdraw money from ATMs in the same manner they would with a standard debit card.

In addition, users can earn interest on their digital assets by taking advantage of Crypterium’s high-yield savings accounts and sending funds internationally with no fees. Users can also make payments in cryptocurrency, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and cash out their digital assets to traditional bank cards using the Crypterium platform.

All of these features helped to make Crypterium popular among its more than 400,000 members throughout the world, and the firm was able to boost its monthly gross profit with a turnover of €150.000.000 tenfold by 2020, resulting in a tenfold rise in its monthly gross profit. Once the firm has mastered the European fundraising scene, it is planned to announce dates for fundraising events around the rest of the globe.

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Crypterium Price Prediction

Below we have collected the most reliable price projections for Crypterium (CRPT) from popular forecast platforms.

Crypterium Price Prediction for 2022

When it comes to Crypterium price forecasts for the remainder of 2022, there are a variety of viewpoints. predicts a decline to $0.546414 by the end of the year, while Trading Beast predicts a decline to $0.3441515 by the end of the year. Other analysts, such as those from Wallet Investor, are more optimistic about the future of Crypterium’s price, predicting it to rise to upwards of $1.647521 in December.
Return on investment (ROI): 2%

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Crypterium Price Prediction for 2023

Moreover, according to Trading Beast, the price of Crypterium is expected to decrease to $0.326036 by 2023, making it a terrible investment idea. Prices are anticipated to drop to $0.786505, according to, and Wallet Investor anticipates a price reduction to $0.372555, according to the website Wallet Investor.
Return on investment (ROI): -40 percent

Crypterium Price Prediction for 2024

The experts are unanimous in their Crypterium price forecasts for 2024. Everybody expects Crypterium’s price to drop down by the end of that year. TradingBeast predicts the price to fall, reaching $0.333889. According to’s research, Crypterium’s price can drop down to $0.008279. WalletInvestor’s forecast is also not so positive: its analysts hold the view that by 2024 Crypterium’s price will be about $0.273207.
Potential ROI: -75%

Crypterium Price Prediction for 2025 and TradingBeast both project that the Crypterium market will contract in 2025, with the price of the cryptocurrency dropping to $0.695436 and $0.348925, respectively, by the end of the year. Other Crypterium price projections are in agreement with this: By December 2025, WalletInvestor predicts that Crypterium will have fallen to $0.529856 per coin.
Return on investment: -37 percent

Crypterium Price Prediction for 2030

Most experts are expecting a bleak future for Crypterium: long-term Crypterium price predictions promise significant decline by 2030. predicts the price to reach $0.629204, while TradingBeast goes down for $0.495473. WalletInvestor also puts not so big hopes on Crypterium in the long term: its Crypterium prediction for 2030 is $0.08279.
Potential ROI: -51%

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