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Is It Really Happening, Season 2 Of Criminal Code, Release Date And Everything We Know

Criminal Code season 2 release date: Heitor Dhalia is the creator of the Brazilian action-thriller television series Criminal Code, which was written by Bruno Passeri, Leonardo Levis, and Bernardo Barcellos. Thomás Aquino, Maeve Jinkings, and Rômulo Braga are the main actors.

A group of federal police officers who are looking into a large-scale bank heist in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, are the subject of the television show.

Netflix launched the series on November 14, 2023. Its thrilling plot and action scenes have received high appreciation. The American television shows Narcos and Breaking Bad have both been likened to the series.

A real-life bank heist that took place in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, in 2017 is fictionalized in the Criminal Code. Even though the show turns aside slightly from the real tale, it is nevertheless a gripping and enjoyable drama

Criminal Code Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Criminal Code has not yet received an official release date. Given that the first season debuted on November 14, 2023, the second season might debut in late 2024 or early 2025.

There is no assurance that the program will be continued for a second season, though—this is simply conjecture.

What Could Be The Possible Storyline For The Criminal Code Season 2?

  • Benício keeps going after Isaac and the Ghost Gang. Benício is probably going to be determined to bring Isaac and the Ghost Gang to justice since they broke out of prison at the end of season 1. Benício and Isaac might play an exciting game of cat and mouse as Isaac tries to keep one step ahead of the police.
  • Suellen becomes progressively involved in the inquiry. Suellen was Benício’s partner in season 1, however, she was frequently cast in supporting parts. Suellen might play a bigger part in the investigation in season two, assisting Benício in finding Isaac and the Ghost Gang with the aid of her expertise.’
  • It is tracked down that the Ghost Gang is a part of a bigger criminal enterprise. The Ghost Gang was suggested to be a tiny, autonomous gang of criminals in season 1. The Ghost Gang may, however, be revealed to be a component of a bigger, more evil criminal organization in season 2. This would increase the support and give the plot a new level of complexity
  • Suellen and Benício deal with corruption in the police department. While the Ghost Gang was the main emphasis of season 1, Benício and Suellen may have to deal with a new challenge in season 2: corruption within the police department. Their work could become more demanding as a result, which will increase trust issues
  • Benício’s history reappears to torment him. Season 1 revealed hints of Benício’s troubled history. In the second season, Benício could have to face his own demons as his past haunts him.

These all are just assumptions that we have made, the plot could be completely different so don’t consider these spoilers as final, just wait for the officials to announce something related to the show.

What Will Be The Cast Of Season 2?

Although the official cast of Criminal Code season 2 has not yet been revealed, it is most probable that the majority of the primary ensemble from season 1 will make a return.

This involves:

  • Rômulo Braga as Benício
  • Maeve Jinkings as Suellen
  • Thomás Aquino as Sem Alma
  • Alex Nader as Isaac
  • Rafael Zulu as Rossi

Season 2 might see the introduction of some new characters in addition to the returning group. These individuals might be dishonest police officials or members of the bigger criminal group that the Ghost Gang is thought to be a part of.

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Season 1 Recap Of Criminal Code

Following a high-stakes heist by the Ghost Gang in the Brazilian border town of Foz do Iguaçu, federal detective Benício and his astute accomplice Suellen set out to investigate a corruption network spanning both Brazil and Paraguay.

They travel a faithless path in tracking their goals, staying away from criminal threats, and negotiating a complicated political environment.

As the season goes further, they face down against Sem Alma, the difficult-to-find head of the Ghost Gang, in a high-stakes conflict that will decide what happens to millions of stolen goods. In a thrilling showdown, Benício and Suellen must rely 

Where To Watch Criminal Code 

You can watch the Criminal Code series on Netflix by getting a subscription to it, and if you already have it then enjoy the series.

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