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Coronavirus: Russia claims after Pfizer – Our Sputnik Vaccine 92 Percent Effective

After the US company Pfizer, Russia has now claimed to be 92 percent effective in preventing infection of its coronavirus vaccine ‘Sputnik-V’.

After the initial analysis of the data of the last phase of the vaccine, the vaccine has become so effective. However, the trial data remains to be reviewed. Let us know that this vaccine is already being given to people in Russia.


Sputnik claims to be Effective

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the state-run company involved in the creation of the vaccine, issued a statement on Wednesday, stating that Sputnik’s data came out after evaluating about 16,000 people involved in the trial.

According to the statement, an analysis of the first 20 cases of coronavirus infection reported in these trials showed that the Sputnik vaccine is 92 percent effective after the second dose.

Sputnik is made in two forms

RDIF also stated that the Sputnik vaccine is made in two forms. The first is the liquid form which must be kept at minus 18 ° C. The other one is in lyophilized (frozen) form and can be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius and will be easy to carry in remote areas.

The RDIF spokesperson said that a specially lyophilized vaccine has been made keeping in view the remote areas.

Sputnik vaccine was launched in August

The Sputnik vaccine has been developed by the Russian military in partnership with Moscow’s Gamalaya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology and was launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in August 2020.

The vaccine has been developed by making the cold-blooded adenovirus weak and genetically altered and has been dosed to many celebrities, including Putin’s daughter and the country’s health minister.

Questions were raised on launching the vaccine without completing the trial

Russia launched Sputnik only after the first and second phase trials were completed, and 38–38 people were given doses in both these stages.

Russia’s decision to launch the vaccine without completing a trial was questioned by top experts and therefore there was not much enthusiasm in the international community about it. Currently, its third phase of trials on 40,000 people is going on in different countries.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories doing Sputnik’s trial in India

Sputnik Vaccine is scheduled to be in Phase II and Phase III trials in India as well and Dr. Reddy Laboratories will manufacture it here. In this trial, more than 1,500 people will be given vaccine supplements in about 10 places in the country.

In this sense, the news of Sputnik being effective is good news for India and if Russia’s claim is found correct in the review of experts then the trial in India can be expedited.

Pfizer became the first company to release the final phase trial results

Let me tell you that on Monday, Pfizer also released the preliminary results of the final phase trial of its coronavirus vaccine and it became the first company to do so.

The company had said that its vaccine is 90 percent effective and so far it has proved to be completely safe as well. It also asked to apply for obtaining Emergency Use Approval (EUA) this month after receiving security-related data.

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