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Corona: Death toll crossed 75 thousand in America

Coronavirus worldwide in USA

The coronavirus epidemic in America has created a death sentence. So far, more than 75 thousand people have lost their lives, while more than 12 lakh people are in the grip of it.

The number of deaths in America due to the Coronavirus epidemic has crossed 75 thousand. In the last twenty-four hours, about two and a half thousand people lost their lives in America. Here Coronavirus is not taking the name of havoc and daily new cases, the number of deaths is increasing.

According to John Hopkins University, 2448 people died in the US on Thursday, with the total death toll reaching 75, 543. The total number of coronavirus cases in America has now exceeded 1.2 million 50 thousand.

Significantly, the number of people suffering from Coronavirus worldwide is estimated to be 4 million, in which America has been the most affected. Whether it is the total number of cases or the death toll due to this epidemic. However, in the last few days, the US has made a move towards opening lockdown again.

If we talk about the case after America, Spain, Italy and the UK are the countries where more than two lakh cases of coronavirus have been reported. At the same time, in Russia, there has been a tremendous surge in the coronavirus case in the last ten days.

On the other hand, if we talk about the death toll, then in America, where the figure has crossed 75 thousand, then in the United Kingdom this figure has crossed 30 thousand. In Italy, the death toll is 29 thousand and in Spain, the death toll is close to 26 thousand, so far, around 2 lakh 70 thousand people have lost their lives in the world.

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