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Corona Cases increased in Israel, requiring People to wear Masks even Indoors

In Israel, 169 new cases were confirmed on Thursday. So many cases have arrived in Israel in one day after months of waiting. Following this, it was made mandatory to wear masks even indoors due to an increase in corona cases in Israel.

Due to an increase in corona cases in Israel, wearing a mask has been made mandatory even indoors. People will be required to wear masks indoors beginning next week. In addition, the Israeli government has advised against non-essential international travel. In Israel, 169 new cases were confirmed on Thursday. So many cases have arrived in Israel in a single day after months of waiting.

According to the Israeli government, now is not the time to fly with unvaccinated children. In addition, the government has asked anyone who has come into contact with corona-infected people to have their cases investigated as soon as possible. The government stated that whether you have received the vaccine or not, you must have the test performed.

According to the Israeli government, it is illegal for a child to travel abroad and then return to school the next day. The majority of adults in Israel have been immunised. Despite the fact that new cases are being reported, approximately 80% of the population has been immunised. According to the government, it is difficult to explain why the cases have suddenly increased.

In Israel on Wednesday, 138 new cases of the corona were reported. For the fourth day in a row, more than 100 new patients were confirmed in Israel on Thursday. The Israeli city of Benjamin currently has the most active cases, with 122. The city has been designated as a Red Zone. Modini is the city with the second-highest number of cases (71 cases).

In addition, there are 36 active cases in Tel Aviv and Kefer Sabah, 33 in Jerusalem, 31 in Kochav Yar, and 21 in Herzliya. According to the Health Ministry, the condition of 26 patients admitted to hospitals across the country is critical. According to the government, more than 84 percent of critically ill patients were not vaccinated.

Concerns are growing in Israel about the spread of the new delta variant, which is suspected of being responsible for 70% of the country’s new cases in recent weeks. People who are experiencing corona symptoms should get tested right away, according to the government.

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