College Democrats face uncertain future following allegations

The Democratic Party’s official college outreach arm — the College Democrats of America — has been going through a tough time due to several issues amongst its leaders. Islamaphobia, anti-Semitism and anti-Blackness have been alleged against some of its top leaders recently.

Impeachment proceedings

Besides, the organization’s new vice president, Nourhan Mesbah, a Muslim, has been facing impeachment proceedings as well. Mesbah has been targeted on social media over pro-Palestinian comments she made online as a child. Meanwhile, there are reports that the Democratic National Committee has plans to disaffiliate with the national collegiate organization.

Independent probe

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) this week sought an independent investigation over the harassment faced by Rollins College senior Nourhan Mesbah on social media. CAIR wanted “disciplining or expelling” the unnamed members who harassed Mesbah on social media. The College Democrats of America (CDA) Jewish Caucus published a Medium post on September 17 stating that, Mesbah, tweeted in October 2016: “i blame this [presidential] debate on the yahood.” “Yahood” is Arabic for “Jew.” “It is for this reason that we call on Ms. Mesbah to not only drop out of the race to be the next CDA Vice President, but to also resign as IDEA director,” the caucus wrote. “This shouldn’t need to be said but we cannot have a Vice President or IDEA director who is prejudiced against Jews because antisemitism is anything but inclusive.”

Campaign trouble

In September Tasneem Ahmad Al-Michael, a Muslim and former vice president of the CDA abruptly ended his presidential campaign because of his tweet seven years ago. He decided to end his campaign after a 2014 tweet in which he used a racial slur resurfaced. He pulled out of the race following online attacks on him and his campaign team. Mesbah, after winning the College Democrats’ vice presidential race, stated: “I apologize for my words in 2016. My comment was in no way rooted in malice or anti-Semitism, especially as a 13-year old, relatively new immigrant from North Africa, with a different regional dialectic linguist comprehension.”

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