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What Is CoinEx? What Are The Advantages Of Using CoinEx?

As we know, the demand for buying and selling digital currencies is growing day over day, countless exchange offices have been set up around the world. Some of the digital currencies rely on advanced technologies to provide one-stop services to their users, while some of these exchanges do not have standard facilities also. In this article we will discuss the most popular exchanges in the digital coin field called CoinEx! 

Introduction To CoinEx Exchange: 

In the year 2017, the CoinEx exchange was built. CoinEx or a CoinEx Exchange are one at the same. The users of the CoinEx can buy and sell a wide range of digital currencies with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tetra (USDT) currency pairs. The exchange has also launched its own native ciphers (CET) and CoinEx users can trade accordingly. CoinEx is a rookie platform, but it also has plans to develop a decentralized exchange with the help of CET tokens. 

The CoinEx platform focuses on users and their ease of use, so that even novices can easily trade on the platform. However, the platform uses highly secure technologies, though the users can easily operate the apps from their mobile phone, tablets, computers, or laptops. This exchange also offers numerous other pros to its users, the most essential of which we will introduce to you in the following. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Using CoinEx Exchange? 


The following are the various pros of using CoinEx Exchange Platform: 

Different Digital Currencies Or A Crypto Coins: 

CoinEx Exchange offers users with different tokens and digital currencies for trading. As we discussed above, investors can exchange various tokens in exchange for major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Atrium, And Tetra. 

High Speed OTC (Over The Counter) Trading: 

The CoinEx digital currency exchange platform can process OTC or Over The Counter Transactions at a blink of your eye. In other words, trading on CoinEx platform is not limited to specific currencies, but transactions can be done using digital currencies. 

High Security In CoinEx: 

CoinEx Exchange uses high security technologies and has launched a comprehensive security system on its platform that uses various security protocols to upgrade various sections. Moreover, all transactions related to payment, digital currency exchange, and money transfer in the platform of this exchange are done in a completely secure way. 

Advanced Chart Technology: 

Traders can analyze the probable market movements using the advanced chart techniques available in CoinEx Exchange platform. Users also examine various currency pairs in just a single click, and make decisions accordingly. 

Simple User Interface:

Why do users use automated apps? Yes, Simply, to reduce manual processes and experience an excellent user interface. As we mentioned above, the design and user interfaces of the CoinEx Exchange platform is very simple and understandable. Unlike the other exchange platforms, all beginners to professionals can use this platform without any hassle.  

Free Invitation From Friends:  

This is the most amazing and attractive feature of using CoinEx Exchange because the users who use the platform can invite their friends to this exchange through a referral code and they will receive rewards from CoinEx. Specifically, the users who invite their friends will receive 20% of the recruiting costs of the recruits as a reward. 

Trade Axis Extraction On CoinEx: 

If you are a crypto investor and looking for a trade-driven Mining feature, then CoinEx Exchange is the best option for you. With this feature, you can operate on the platform with the help of CET tokens. All trading fees are on the CoinEx platform and then go to CET tokens. The next step is, CET tokens go among traders according to the volume of transactions. 

CoinEx Exchange platform uses a completely transparent method for distributing tokens, which shows the transaction fees and how to distribute them live on the website to users. The investors must be authenticated to join the token distribution, and only those with at least 100 CET tokens can participate in the scheme. Users will receive their dividends the next day if they are authenticated. 

Support From Smartphones: 

The investors who invest in the Crypto Currencies can use CoinEx platform to make each transaction easily and maintain records for the same. The users can download the application of the CoinEx Exchange form Google Play and Apple Store and run it on Android or iPhone phones. 

Leverage Transactions: 

The users can leverage the transactions if they want! Initially the exchange will not support such a feature but from June 24, 2019, it allows the users to leverage the transactions. Leverage trades can be very lucrative for traders, but sometimes they can also cause huge losses. 

For instance, if you have $10,000 in your account and invest $100 in Bitcoin, by increasing the price of the Bitcoin by 10%, you will earn the equivalent of $10. Now, if you make this deal with 100X leverage, you will earn a profit equivalent to $1000. Of course, the point to consider in leverage trading is that if the value of Bitcoin falls by 10% in the same situation. You will lose $1000 instead of losing $10. 

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CoinEx Exchange’s Trade Fees

The platform does not differentiate between a taker and a maker in terms of payment. The fee calculation model of this exchange is a single rate (Flat-free) of 20%. This rate corresponds to the global industrial average 920-25%. 

CoinEx Exchange’s Withdrawal Fees

The fee for each Bitcoin withdrawal from this exchange is equal to 0.0006 BTC, which is exactly in line with the global industrial average. The global industry average for Bitcoin withdrawals used to be 0.0008. But currently most exchanges offer 0.005 BTC for Bitcoin withdrawals. 

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The Final Thoughts

There are various crypto exchanges running in the market and almost all the crypto holders are aware of each one. But the CoinEx Exchange platform uses modern technologies to keep each and every transaction safe and also design the platform according to users’ demands; i.e., simple to understand and easy to use! 

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