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Coffee in 7 thousand, banana in 3 thousand… the inflation of Kim Jong-un’s ​North Korea ​Country

Because of Kim Jong Un, North Korea is frequently in the news. Inflation is causing people to talk about North Korea these days. A coffee packet costs seven thousand rupees, and a banana costs more than three thousand rupees.

People in North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un’s land have become ravenous for food. In fact, the cost of food in North Korea has risen considerably. There is a scarcity of food in the area. Kim Jong Un, the country’s dictator, has also recognised that the situation is extremely tense.

“The food situation for the people is now getting serious,” Kim Jong Un remarked, according to North Korea’s state-run news agency Korean Central, “since the agricultural sector failed to reach the grain output plan due to the devastation caused by the storm last year.”

According to the report, the food situation in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, is so severe that prices for numerous sorts of food have climbed significantly.

A banana costs $ 45 (Rs 3335) per kg in the capital, a package of black tea costs $ 70 (Rs 5,190), and a pack of coffee costs $ 100. (Rs 7,414). As a result, prices in North Korea have risen far above those in other countries.

Kim Jong has allegedly asked party leaders to alleviate the food shortfall as soon as possible during the Central Committee meeting. According to the study, North Korea is experiencing a food crisis as a result of failing agricultural production. According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization, North Korea faces an 860,000-tonne food deficit.

Kim Jong Un has requested that the food situation be resolved as quickly as possible. However, no such solution for resolving the problem has been made thus far. At the same time, North Korea has closed all of its borders owing to the Coronavirus. There has yet to be a confirmed case of coronavirus in the area.

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