Code Breaker Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

Do romantic stories involving a bad boy, and a bad girl fires up your imagination? Code Breaker, an animation series is set to explore this theme with an upcoming season 2.

The series involving supernatural elements has been a huge success with anime, and non-anime fans alike, mostly because of its exceptional artwork, and choreography. The show promises to be an action-filled adventure, which regardless of the romanticism in you, will keep you thrilled for hours to come.

Code Breaker Season 2 Plot

The lead character of the series, Sakura on her way to school observes a boy being burnt in bluish flame. To her amazement, despite the horrifying sight, the boy manages to hold the ward of the fire with his amazing inner spirit.

As she drives on to her school, his image lingers on her mind forever. Surprisingly, she meets the boy again at her school, only to find his ways are alien to her. However, they both find solace in each other in the desire to fight evil. She is strong and shows a fight equal to his with her extraordinary martial arts skills, and a positive direction to his endless nightmares.

Code Breaker Season 2 Trailer

The codebreaker season 2 official trailer is not out yet. However, thanks to the strong support from the fans, you will find many tributes to this amazing series online. Some fans have also posted episodes from season 1, much to the dismay of the producers. However, if you are looking for a quick glimpse of the series, definitely check them out.

Code Breaker Season 2 Release Date

The producers have not yet confirmed the release of season 2, thanks to an erratic schedule due to the on-going pandemic. The series remains an exceptional hit among fans, and its release in October 2012, and the eventual delay has left some fans really unsatisfied. Online news portals report that we can see an eventual release in late 2022.