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Netflix Choked Paisa Bolta Hai Film Review – Don’t Miss it

Today, I remember two films made during the Emergency in India. One was Amrit Nahata’s film ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’ and second was IAS Johar’s film ‘Nasbandi’. A powerful Prime Minister like Indira Gandhi and his son like Sanjay Gandhi, who was selectively targeting the film-goers, at that time it was a 56-inch chest to make such films on politics affecting the society through cinema. Anurag Kashyap has done the same thing by making this film on demonetization.

By the time the film came, people have been caught in the lockdown after recovering from the ban on demonetization, but it is also true that Anurag Kashyap was not expected to have such a cinema directly related to the society in which there is neither a single abusive nor a single adult scene.

Anurag Kashyap, who has been dancing with his hands on his head since the films of Gangs of Wasseypur series, is now coming out of his shell in which he himself was imprisoned. He also believes that he spoiled his cinema even after being under pressure from his films months before the film’s release.

Now he is stepping out of the circle around fanboy journalism. He is now handling that child for his inner self Due to which he continued to give spiritual trouble to others. This film of Anurag is dedicated to Shubhra Shetty who came after Kalki Kekalan in his life. His new attachment to life has brought his cinema out of dreams and brought it closer to reality.

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai Film Cast

  • Sayami Kher
  • Roshan Mathew
  • Amrita Subhash (Gully Boy)
  • Upendra Limaye (Jogwa)
  • Tusshar Dalvi (Saw Shashi Deodhar)
  • Rajpreet Deshpande (Angry Indian Gods)
  • Vaishnavi RP
  • Uday Nene (Laughter Toe Fansi)
  • Parthaveer Shukla (Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Take 2)
  • Sanjay Bhatia (Prem Agan)
  • Aditya Kumar (Gangs of Wasseypur)
  • Milind Pathak (Dashkriya)

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai Film Story

Anurag’s eyes shine again in Choked. The story of his film is not his own, it is also the plus point of this film. According to Anurag, the implicit Bhave wrote this story seven to eight years ago, it was written for some other purpose, but the demonetization hit it, Anurag has made it a historical document in the context of a government decision.

Things like Chokd have happened to all the families of the country who have an unemployed husband at home. Is a school going child? There is a woman running a house who knocks in the office throughout the day and cleans the household garbage in the morning and evening. People like ‘Aloo Appa’ who live in the garbage also feed their stomachs. The most important hint of the film is also that the effect of demonetization is not as it was thought. Those who tied black money in the gutters had a lot of money even before demonetization.

And if there was a ban on demonetization, they changed it and brought the same amount of new notes. Just in case something happens between the two, it is the lungi dance of people who come out of the procession with a plate on the street immediately to enjoy the extreme euphoria of their leader’s decisions.

I do not know what the Censor Board of Prasoon Joshi would have done with this film if it were to be released in theaters, but it is certain that it would not be released in digital form. The film also draws a new canvas of performances. In Anurag’s cinema, women characters have a habit of empowering themselves by trampling the society around them. Sarita (Sayami Kher) also does the same but their attitude is different.

If the customer standing at the counter teases her, she stops speaking and if the lender to the husband wants to touch her, then she also blows her parrot. She loves her husband but walks on her own in bed.

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai Film Review

In terms of acting, this film is a showpiece for Sayami Kher that she would like to keep her life in front of everyone. Such characters of middle-class people are less written in Hindi cinema and to play them with equal vigor is now the priority of the actors, but they also avoid putting their hands in the gutter. Amrita Subhash is here as the female version of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. And, manages to act better than Nawazuddin. The rest of the cast including Roshan Mathew has also supported the film well.


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