China Long March 5B Rocket successfully returned from Space

China’s space agency said on Friday that China’s experimental new generation spacecraft has successfully landed at the designated site in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. He said that this is a big step in terms of running a permanent space station and sending astronauts to the moon. China’s Space Agency (CMSA) said that our test was a complete success.

China on Tuesday launched a test version of the new spacecraft without a crew of the country’s most powerful rocket Long March-5B from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan, southern China’s southern province. Approximately 488 seconds later, the experimental manned spacecraft without crew, with a test version of the cargo return capsule, parted with the rocket and entered orbit as planned.

The CMSA said the experimental spacecraft flew in orbit for two days and 19 hours. It is specifically designed for China’s manned space program, the Long March-5B will be used primarily to launch the space station’s modules.

Commander-in-Chief Wang Xiaojun of Long March-7 had reported that after the launch of Long March-5, China will now launch a series of 20-ton rockets, including Long March-5, 6 and 7. The spacecraft developed by the China Academy of Space Technology under the CMSA is about 9 meters long and about 4.5 meters wide. It weighs more than 20 tons.