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Amazon Prime Chhalaang Movie Review, Rating, Rajkumar Rao and Nursat Bharucha Cast Performance

Adorned by Rajkumar Rao’s performance, ‘Chhalaang’ has finally been released on Amazon Prime after a long wait. Fans were very excited about it since the release of the film’s trailer.

The film is the story of an irresponsible PT teacher saving her self-respect, job and love. The film also challenges the views of those who consider children’s sports a waste of time.

Let’s know how the film is.

The story starts with Montu’s cool life

Based in Haryana, the film, Mahendra Singh Hooda alias Montu (Rajkumar Rao), who works as a PT teacher at Sir Chhoturam School, has nothing to do with children’s fitness and sports.

He also has no connection with the future of school children. She is the hourly confidant of her job, which the school’s principal Usha (Eela Arun) gave her at the behest of her lawyer father Kamlesh Singh Hooda (Satish Kaushik).

There is an entry of love in Montu’s life

Montu is working just for the income. He always hangs around with Master Shukla Ji (Saurabh Shukla).

One day, computer teacher Neelima aka Neelu (Nurasat Bharucha) comes to school, which Montu falls in love with, but Neelu is angry with him due to an incident.

Motu is trying to get close to Neelu, then Inder Mohan Singh alias Singh Sir (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub) comes as a twist in the story.

Montu’s life changes completely from here

Singh has come to the school as a PT teacher. Which is better than Montu in everything. He makes a good bond with Neelu as soon as he comes. Montu is made his assistant.

Now Montu’s job is under threat. In such a situation, he challenges Singh sir for a competition. Now what happens next, you will know when you watch the film.

High expectations from Rajkumar Rao

Rajkummar Rao plays the character of a lazy and aimless PT teacher. However, he has played such a role of small-town boy in his career that his style is not new in this. However, the way he prepared his team in the second half was interesting to watch.

While Zeeshan Ayub has bested the role of a powerful PT teacher while giving a mustache. He fit perfectly in his athletic style.

The work of other artists has been fantastic

On the other hand Nusrat Bharucha is also living in a small town, but the character of the girl who has grown up today has also put the character on the screen very well.

Apart from these, the role of Baljinder Kaur in the character of Montu’s mother is fun. She has managed to attract the attention of the audience in a unique way. While the work of Saurabh Shukla, Ila Arun and Satish Kaushik were also good.

Hansal Mehta left his mark

Director Hansal Mehta tries to convey social messages in his films. This time he has shown everything in great detail but in a comedy style.

Despite the story being in the right direction, there seems to be some drawbacks in its screenplay and screen. Even after comedy and interesting scenes, you are not able to fully connect with it. Overall, a little more effort in directing could have made it effective.

The dialogues of the film are very strong. Some scenes have been made fun of, such as Montu and Neelu’s first date was very interesting. In which Montu takes Neelu with a takiya to sit behind him on a scooter.

On the other hand, the film has a beautiful message about children’s sports, which can be seen at least once in order to understand it.

We are giving ‘Three’ stars out of ‘Five’.

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