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Samsung Biologics: The CDMO Partner Pharma Companies Need

As an essential part of the biopharma value chain, contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) help companies not only expedite a molecule from its early stage to commercialization but also navigate complex processes with confidence. Samsung Biologics, a leading global CDMO, offers its state-of-the-art services to pharmaceutical companies who can then focus their time on research and discovery. Using its multi-scale, cGMP-compliant facilities, Samsung Biologics ensures seamless development and manufacturing services where needed. 

End-to-End CDMO Services

Samsung Biologics is expanding and building an additional facility in South Korea. This new “Super Plant” is currently undergoing construction commencing its operations in 2022, and it will make up a quarter of the global total biopharma CMO capacity. 

Samsung Biologics’ fourth plant will offer the most up-to-date processes: Pharma 4.0-enabled technology will create an atmosphere that enables data integrity, and multiple operation modes will allow Samsung Biologics to continue offering the best production efficiency. This state-of-the-art facility will be equipped with innovative, top-of-the-line manufacturing technologies. 

Furthermore, Samsung Biologics is adding an mRNA drug substance suite to its current site by the first half of 2022 to diversify its service offerings. The new addition to the Songdo facility will allow the CDMO to offer pharmaceutical companies end-to-end mRNA vaccine manufacturing services from bulk drug substance to aseptic fill/finish including labeling and packaging, along with cold chain storage. 

Samsung Biologics has navigated the past ten years in business with an unwavering commitment to its vision “to enrich human life with technology and innovation.”

CEO John Rim said,  “With a steadfast vision and unrelenting drive to achieve better life for all, we embrace responsibility, expertise, and pride in our work, and will continue on our noble mission to enable improved accessibility of biomedicines and consequently the quality of life for people around the globe.”

Partnerships with Many Companies

Moderna, GSK, and Eli Lilly have all partnered with Samsung Biologics in some way to manufacture and distribute the highest quality biomedicines.


  • Moderna: Samsung announced an agreement with prestigious vaccine producer Moderna to provide large-scale, commercial fill-finish manufacturing for mRNA-1273, the COVID-19 vaccine. Aseptic fill-finish, labeling, and packaging services will be given to millions of Moderna doses. 
    • GSK: GlaxoSmithKline signed a contract with Samsung Biologics as well. The Korean company agreed to provide large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing for the company’s innovative biopharmaceutical therapies. It is expected to expand in the future to include more therapies and products. 
  • Eli Lilly: Samsung Biologics entered into an agreement with Eli Lilly to provide long-term manufacturing in order to make antibody treatments more accessible to the world. 

Samsung Biologics has gone above and beyond to maintain its current business relationships, as well as establish new ones in a changing world. 

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