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Catherine Camilon Boyfriend: A Mystery Behind the Missing Beauty Queen

Catherine Camilon Boyfriend: Catherine Camilon was a beauty queen who hadn’t been seen since October 12, 2023. She was in Miss Grand Philippines 2023, which is a national beauty show that chooses the country’s Miss Grand International.

The last person who saw her was leaving her home in Quezon City with a man named Major Allan de Castro, who is thought to be her boyfriend and is a Philippine Police officer.

Who is Catherine Camilon?

Catherine Camilon is a model who is 23 years old and wants to become a lawyer. She got her political science degree from the University of the Philippines and was going to take the bar test next year.

She also fights for peace and human rights and has taken part in many service and charity programs. Her family and friends say she was nice, smart, and pretty, and they think she had a great future ahead of her.

Catherine Camilon Boyfriend

Allan de Castro is a Major in the Philippine Police and is 35 years old. The Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) is in charge of him. Kate Camilon and he met in 2022, when he was a judge for a local beauty show and she was a contestant.

Catherine Camilon Boyfriend

Even though de Castro was married with two kids, they became close and started dating. Reports say that De Castro agreed to get a divorce from his wife and marry Camilon, but he never kept his word.

What Happened to Catherine Camilon?

Catherine Camilon left her home in Quezon City on October 12, 2023, with Allan de Castro. He told her he would take her to a picture for Miss Grand Philippines 2023. But she never showed up at the event and never called her family or friends again. Also, her phone was off, so it couldn’t be found.

On October 31, 2023, police found an SUV that they thought had something to do with Camilon’s disappearance. People found the car abandoned in a Pasay City parking lot.

The cops found blood stains and hair strands inside the SUV, which matched what they knew about Camilon’s car and how he looked. Also, the police got CCTV video that showed de Castro driving the SUV on the day Camilon ran away.

Catherine Camilon Boyfriend

The cops have named de Castro as a person of interest in Camilon’s case as of November 3, 2023. They asked to question him, but he refused to answer and used his right to stay silent.

He also said he had nothing to do with Camilon’s disappearance and that he had just dropped her off at the shooting location. Even though the cops said they have strong proof against de Castro, they have not yet charged him.

The cops said on November 16, 2023, that they would share the results of the test they did to see if the blood samples from Camilon’s family and the bloody SUV spot were the same.

It was said by the police that they hope the finding will back up their belief that the blood belongs to Camilon and make their case against de Castro stronger. The police also said that they are still looking for Camilon and that they are not ruling out the chance that she is still living.

Maria Camilon, Camilon’s sister, wrote a sad message on social media on November 17, 2023, about how upset and angry she was that witnesses said de Castro and Camilon were having an affair.

He lied to her and used her, she said, because her sister didn’t know that de Castro was married. She also asked for her sister’s safety and asked everyone to help find her and bring her home.


Catherine Camilon, a 23-year-old beauty queen, disappeared on October 12, 2023, while attending Miss Grand Philippines 2023. She was last seen with Major Allan de Castro, a 35-year-old Philippine Police officer.

Camilon, a model and aspiring lawyer, left her home in Quezon City with de Castro, who was believed to be her boyfriend. Police found blood stains and hair strands in an SUV, which matched Camilon’s car.

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