CarryMinati Releases new Rap Song Yalgaar: Youtube vs TikTok

The famous YouTuber CarryMinati has pushed forward with Yalgaar Rap Song, continuing the battle of YouTub and Tiktok. In this song, Carrie has taken a dig at YouTub and Tiktok star Aamir Siddiqui.

Youtube vs TikTok

YouTuber is very famous as Ajay Nagar aka CarryMinati. Recently he has released a video of his new rap song Yalgar. This video has been named by Nagar at the end of YouTube Versus Tiktok. Recently, one of his videos was removed due to a violation of YouTube rules.

Carryminati vs Amir Siddiqui Video

In this rap song, CarrieMinati is seen sarcastically on YouTube and Tiktokar Aamir Siddiqui. They can be heard singing that “the video has hurt the heart of the whole country.” He said that youtube made money from my content and how my business has eaten. ” He said that if the content is not objected to slangs in English, then if in Hindi, then the objection is being raised.

He further said that while talking about Tiktokar Aamir Siddiqui, I would like that the war between YouTuber and Tiktokar should continue. Carrie said that Siddiqui played the Victim card and this was done just to get ‘Reach’.

Let us know that Carrie Minati shared a video of her YouTube Versus Tikatokar in which she roasted Tikatokar. After which YouTube removed the video from its website. Fans supported Carrie on social media. At the same time, some people supported YouTube’s decision by calling YouTube as harsh.