Capone 2020 Review Tom Hardy is an Embarrassment

This time it’s Tom Hardy in “Capone” (now streaming), stepping into the formidable shoes worn by Robert De Niro in 1987’s “The Untouchables.” Writer/director Josh Trank’s new telling doesn’t focus on the feared Chicago crime boss, but the final year of a mentally weakened man who died in 1947 at age 48.

Film  Starring a heavily made-up, growling Tom Hardy, the film is a somber look at the final days of Al Capone. This is a Capone suffering from dementia and unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Capone is an intriguing film, which Trank tops off with an affected finale of bizarre, spectacular (and contrived) violence, yet the woozy slipping-into-dementia-fantasy sequences, although striking, means sometimes that the visual impact of what we are seeing is sometimes lessened, as we wait to see if it is really happening or not. It’s a little unfinished and indecisive but aroma.

It is a slow-burning look into the psyche of a man reconciling his past with the legacy he’ll leave behind, and it’s certainly not pretty. Writing with an artistic flourish and beautiful cinematography shine the spotlight on an incredible performance by Tom Hardy, start to finish. Though I would’ve loved to see him as a prime Capone, I enjoyed what I got instead: an uncomfortable, confusing, suffocating look into the deterioration of the world’s most notorious gangster.

Capone movie 2020 Cast

Tom Hardy
Linda Cardellini
Matt Dillon
Al Sapienza
Kathrine Narducci
Noel Fisher
Gino Cafarelli

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Capone 2020 Review

performance -Hardy gives an unexpectedly resonant performance that initially verges on parody but ends up packing an emotional punch.

Capone 2020 Direction

Josh Trank, gives an imaginative take on an oft-portrayed figure. He deserves credit for making such a sad story so compelling.


Initial release: 12 May 2020 (USA)
Director: Josh Trank
Music director: El-P
Producer: Lawrence Bender
Screenplay: Josh Trank