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Capital Investment Advisors: Plans, Review, Investment and Details You Need to Know !

Capital Investment Advisors specialises in retirement income planning, wealth preservation, and planning for retirement’s what-ifs. The firm has more than 35 years of combined experience in retirement income planning, wealth preservation, and planning for retirement’s what-ifs.

To us, making an impact on your life and the lives of those around you is our primary goal. We can help you and your loved ones prepare for the future of your finances by putting together a strategy. As income investors, we at Capital Investment Advisors (CIA) are dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals.

Capital Investment Advisors

With locations across the country, we’re a fee-only financial advising and portfolio management firm based in Atlanta that offers a wide range of financial services to our clients. Financial strategy and management services tailored to each customer’s unique needs have been provided by the CIA since 1996.

Plan Your Financial Resources Based on Your Goals

Mountain Capital Investment Advisors has developed its financial planning strategy around the airline industry’s concerns, concerns, and aspirations. For those who are just starting in the aviation industry or who are towards the conclusion of their career, Mountain Capital is here to help you with any financial needs that you may have.

Do I need to know anything else about this business?

headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia The Atlanta headquarters of Capital Investment Advisors LLC, a national financial advisory firm, is located in the city. The firm manages $4.2 billion in assets and has 17 employees. The majority of the company’s 9,652 clientele is made up of individuals of all shapes and sizes.


For this assessment, SmartAsset used publicly available data to draw its conclusions. The mentioned firm and its financial professionals have not checked, authorised, or sponsored this review and are not responsible for the accuracy of the information included therein. If there is a business link between SmartAsset and an individual financial practitioner, that relationship is not taken into consideration while creating the review.

Capital Investment Advisors

SmartAsset does not give any extra consideration or treatment to firms or financial experts who have business agreements with SmartAsset. The reviews on SmartAsset are written objectively and in a neutral tone. Based on your financial goals and current position, SmartAsset may be able to match you with a financial advisor from the company described in this review or one of its employees.

It is a financial planning firm and asset management firm that focuses on asset management. A retirement calculator and a free eBook, 101 Retirement Tips, are available on the website of company’s financial advisors to help clients plan for their retirement.

A Financial Advisory Firm, Capital Investment Advisors Llc, is at your service. Background

In 1996, Capital Investment Advisors first opened its doors. Atlanta, Georgia, serves as the company’s present headquarters. Additionally, the company manages locations around the United States and the District of Columbia. Michael Reiner, Wesley Moss, and two trusts, along with two family offices, make up the majority of the company’s current shareholders.

As well as a chartered financial analyst and other professionals with necessary industry certifications, the firm employs fourteen certified financial planners (CFPs). The clients of Capital Investment Advisors LLC, as well as minimum investment amounts
Clients of Capital Investment Advisors include the following:

  • People who have a lot of money.
  • Retirement and profit-sharing strategies
  • Trusts
  • Estates\sCorporations
  • Helping individuals in need is what charitable organisations do.
  • An accredited investor is a person who has worked hard to earn their place in the public eye.
  • Unless introduced by the Fidelity Wealth Advisor Solutions Program, new clients are normally required to have a minimum account size of $500,000.
  • Services Offered by Capital Investment Advisors Llc Include the Following

Aiming to serve clients with complete financial planning and investment management, Capital Investment Advisors was established in 2008. This is done by making first contact with potential clients to find out what their needs are and whether or not their services can help them meet those needs.

  • Considerations such as these may be included in a client’s financial plan depending on their needs.
  • Investing for the future
  • It’s critical to have a will in place.
  • Management of a collection of assets is known as “portfolio management.”
  • Money held in trust for someone else is called a trust fund.
  • Efforts made for the greater good
  • Taxation administration
  • The information gathered from your initial consultation can also be utilised by the company to create an investment portfolio for the customer that is adequately
  • diversified. The company’s asset allocation would take its investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon into account.
  • A Financial Advisory Firm, Capital Investment Advisors Llc, is at your service. Investing is a way of life.

It is Capital Investment Advisors’ primary aim to construct growth and income portfolios. Individual stocks and bonds, as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), are mostly used to develop growth vehicles. For the most part, the funds’ income portfolios are made up of fixed income instruments with a global reach, including international mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Apart from that, the company can raise money through limited partnerships, REITs, and royalty trusts.

Capital Investment Advisors

The advisers believe that the asset allocation of a portfolio is appropriate in light of the client’s objectives and other factors that ultimately prevail. Fees are charged by Capital Investment Advisors LLC. A percentage of the assets under management is a common fee structure for Capital Investment Advisors. For your convenience, we’ve included the most current charge schedule.


We consider investing to be both an art and a science. In our approach to money management, we strive to combine the science of establishing a well-diversified portfolio with the art of active portfolio management. We build our portfolios by investing in low-cost mutual funds and ETFs that are highly diversified.

Your risk tolerance and investing goals are taken into consideration when developing a bespoke asset allocation strategy.

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