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Is Cameron Monaghan Dating? Who Is His Partner?

Do you want to know who Cameron Monaghan is with? Well, the star of “Shameless” is in the news right now because the trailer for “Star Wars: Jedi Survivor” fell. We all know that Cameron has given Cal Kestis a voice in the video game. Putting that aside for the moment, his fans have been wondering lately if Cameron is dating anyone at the moment.

Cameron Riley Monaghan

Cameron Riley Monaghan is a versatile actor who can do a lot of different things. He is best known for playing Ian Gallagher in the TV show Shameless. He was born in Santa Monica and started modeling when he was only five years old.

Some of the most popular ones are The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island, Vampire Academy, Shattered, My Love Affair with Marriage, Mercy Street, etc.

Haven’t you seen Cameron in Gotham? He even ended up winning Teen Choice Awards in 2019 for how great he was. When it comes to his personal life, Cameron Monaghan is young, talented, and good-looking.

Fans are sure that Cameron must have a partner because of these things. What is her name? Surprisingly, he didn’t say much about it, even when people asked him about it. Here’s what we know about Cameron Monaghan’s partner if you’re looking for him.

Is Cameron Monaghan Dating? Who Is His Partner?

Cameron Monaghan’s partner, if you want to call her that, is Lauren Sarle. She is a professional model who is said to have a contract with Heroes Model and Vision Los Angeles.

Cameron Monaghan’s partner is also good at some other things. She makes beautiful art. In short, we could say that Lauren is not only beautiful but also smart, or “Beauty With Brains.” Don’t you think so?

When Did Cameron Monaghan and Lauren Sarle Start Dating?

Cameron Monaghan and Lauren Sarle announced to the public that they were dating in September 2020. Hiking has been one of their favorite things to do together. They often do the same things, which shows that they are both brave.


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Well, Cameron Monaghan’s partner thinks that a person’s value shouldn’t be based on how they look, but on what they can do. Most of the time, that’s what she shows off in her art. When Lauren first started her modeling career, she wasn’t sure if it was the right job for her.

After a few months, in December 2020 to be exact, Cameron Monaghan’s girlfriend Lauren posted some photos on Instagram that he had taken. The SKIMS clothing line was part of her job as a model. This shows how helpful the actor from Gotham has been to his girlfriend. On the other hand, Lauren seems to be cheering him up, especially before the release of his works. So it goes in a real relationship.

In case you didn’t know, Cameron has been in a relationship with more than just Lauren. He was linked to Peyton List before she. She is also an actress who has been in movies like Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, 27 Dresses, Remember Me, etc. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

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Cameron Monaghan and Lauren Sarle look like they could not be apart. They haven’t been in a relationship for more than a couple of years. It looks like they are really into each other. But they haven’t talked about getting married.

So, Cameron won’t be getting married any time soon. Both of them seem more focused on their jobs and are working hard to get where they want to go. They want to be better off before they move in together.

We wish Cameron Monaghan the best! Follow the actor Cameron on Instagram to find out more about what he’s up to. We hope that he and Lauren will stay as close as they are now for the rest of their lives.

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