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What Is Terra (LUNA) Coin? How To Buy Luna Coin?

What Is Terra (LUNA)?

Terra is a blockchain network constructed using the Cosmos SDK that specializes in the development of stablecoins. It is preferable to employ Terra Luna stablecoins as reserves rather than fiat or over-collateralized crypto because each stablecoin is convertible into LUNA, the network’s native asset.

holders of LUNA have the ability to pay network fees, engage in governance, stake in the Tendermint Delegated Proof of Stake consensus method, and peg stablecoins to the dollar.

A stable coin such as TerraUSD (UST) is pegged by the value of LUNA in US dollars, which is exchangeable for UST tokens at a 1:1 ratio. If the price of UST is, for example, $0.98, arbitrageurs can swap 1 UST for $1 of USD and profit 2 cents on the transaction. As the UST is consumed, this process raises the demand for UST while simultaneously decreasing the supply of UST. After that, the stable coin returns to its peg.

As long as the UST is over $1, say $1.02, arbitrageurs can convert one unit of LUNA into one unit of UST and profit by two cents. The supply of UST grows, while the demand for UST declines, resulting in the price of UST returning to its peg.

In addition to lowering the volatility of stablecoins, validators and delegators stake LUNA in exchange for incentives. These two actors are critical in maintaining the security of the network and validating transactions.

Through Binance, you may acquire LUNA and then store it, stake it, and participate in governance through Terra Station, the official wallet and dashboard for the Terra blockchain network, which you can access through your web browser.

What Is Terra (LUNA) Coin? How To Buy Luna Coin?

What Are Terra Stablecoins, and How Do They Work?

Unlike collateralized fiat-backed stablecoins and crypto-backed stablecoins, stablecoins on the Terra network employ a different mechanism to preserve price parity than other stable coins. Typically, holders of collateralized stable coins can trade their stable coin for an equivalent quantity of fiat currency or a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

It’s the same with BUSD, which has US dollar reserves that have been audited. The same can be said with DAI, which is backed by cryptocurrencies that have been over-collateralized.

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Terra’s stable coins, on the other hand, rely on computational ways to limit their supply and keep the peg stable. Each stable coin is, in effect, backed by and exchangeable for the LUNA utility token, which serves as both a governance and utility token.

When people want to exchange their stablecoins for LUNA or vice versa, Terra serves as a counterparty to facilitate the exchange, which has an impact on the supply of both tokens.

How to Buy Luna Coin?

1. Check CoinMarketCap to check where you can buy Luna Coin and with which currencies you can purchase it.
CoinMarketCap gives a list of coin purchase alternatives for each cryptocurrency listed on the site (also known as market pairs). Go to CoinMarketCap and type in “Luna Coin” as the search term. To access the market, click on the “Market” button, which is located near the price chart.

In this view, you will find a comprehensive list of the locations where Luna Coin may be purchased, as well as a list of the currencies that can be used to acquire Luna Coin. When you click on “Pairs,” you’ll see the shorthand for Luna Coin, LUNA, as well as another currency. The second currency is the one with which you may buy Luna Coin. If you want to buy LUNA using the United States dollar, search for the symbol LUNA/USD.

2. Decide on the platform via where you can buy Luna.
Security, dependability, and liquidity are all varying levels on various platforms. Make sure you complete your research before opening an account.

What Is Terra (LUNA) Coin? How To Buy Luna Coin?

3. Purchase on the platform of your choice.
Every platform has its own set of rules regarding how things should be done. Some platforms are quite simple to use, while others are more difficult to use.

Generally speaking, acquiring cryptocurrency with a fiat currency such as the United States dollar will be less difficult than purchasing cryptocurrency with another cryptocurrency.

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Alternatively, if you need to buy Luna Coin using another cryptocurrency, you’ll first need to build a crypto wallet that accepts Luna Coin, after which you’ll purchase the first currency and use it to purchase Luna Coin on the platform of your choice.

If you get stuck, most platforms include instructions to help you out. However, if they do not, there is a thriving community of cryptocurrency aficionados who have most certainly uploaded tutorials on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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