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BTS will open an official pop-up shop this week at London’s The O2.

BTS, one of the most successful K-pop groups, will establish their very own pop-up store in London on Friday (December 9).

On December 6, HYBE and FreeCONG, a production firm based in Seoul, made the announcement that on December 9th, they will establish the very first BTS pop-up store, which will be located in London. The Icon Outlet at The O2 will host retail activities for a period of eight weeks, until the 31st of January.

The pop-up shop will be known as “BTS POP-UP: SPACE OF BTS IN LONDON,” and it will have a number of immersive shops as well as picture zones. The shops and photo zones will be adorned in the style of major hits by the boy band, including “Black Swan,” “ON,” “MIC Drop,” and “DNA.” At these retail locations, you’ll be able to purchase official BTS gear, such as apparel, stuffed animals, and even items for the home.
A pop-up window will also be used to sell limited-edition products, such as the BTS reality show IN THE SOOP merchandise. It will also have a dedicated section for the CG characters of the boy band TinyTAN, which are based on the members of the band.

In order for fans to attend the pop-up store, they will first need to pre-book complimentary tickets. On the pages that the local organisers of the Karnival Joy event maintain on Instagram and Twitter, additional information regarding the booking, including more specifics, will be revealed.

Following their “The City” events in Las Vegas and Busan earlier this year, the boy band will be opening their first pop-up store in the United Kingdom and Europe under the name “BTS POP-UP: SPACE OF BTS IN LONDON.” Both events, which took place in April and October respectively, featured pop-ups and thematic sections and events that were very similar to one another.

Earlier on today, Big Hit Music disseminated information regarding the impending induction of Jin from BTS into the military for mandatory service. The management company issued a statement in which it requested supporters to “refrain from visiting the venue” of the idol’s admission ceremony. This was done to avoid crowds as well as to show respect for other recruits and their families who will be present at the event.

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