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Is Broly Stronger Than Cooler? Analyzing the Power Levels!

Is Cooler Stronger Than Broly? It’s always a sight to behold when two martial arts masters engage in combat. Now when the Dragon Ball universe is considered, the analogy becomes even more intriguing.

Why? Well, the characters from Toriyama’s magnum opus are incredible and formidable fighters, and the entire series features some of the most exciting battles in the history of anime.

In this post, we will evaluate a single fight from the series to determine if Cooler could defeat Broly in a direct confrontation.

Broly is one of the strongest characters in the series, and he would be able to overcome Cooler in a straight confrontation.

The cooler may be powerful, but he is not as powerful as Super Saiyan Goku, and we know that Broly cleaned the floor with Super Saiyan Goku, so he would also do so with Cooler.

The remainder of this article will compare and contrast two selected Dragon Ball strong characters. You will discover who Broly and Cooler are, as well as their precise talents and abilities.

In conclusion, based on the evidence offered thus far, we will determine which of the two characters is stronger.

Who are Broly and Cooler?


Broly is one of the few purebred Saiyan males from the planet Vegeta in Universe 7 to have survived. He is the biological son of Paragus and is revered as a legendary Saiyan mutant in his universe, serving as Kale’s male equivalent in Universe 7.

He was exiled from his home planet at a young age by King Vegeta, who took the young Saiyan to another border world known as Vampa because he was envious that he was more strong than Prince Vegeta IV, causing his father to harbor a profound animosity against the king and his family.


Cooler was an extraterrestrial, the prince of Universe 7, and a commander of the Freeza Empire alongside his brother Freeza, nephew Kuriza, and father, the Great King Cold, who ruled the empire from the shadows.

He is the primary antagonist in the film trilogy comprised of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge and Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Return.

Is Broly Stronger Than Cooler

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Is Broly Stronger Than Cooler?

Here, we will assess how the information we have gathered about these two characters would (or would not) aid them in combat against one another. Let us proceed.

Since that Broly is a Saiyan and Cooler is a member of Frieza’s race, it was difficult to compare their point totals. These two groups have very different capabilities, skills, and transformations, therefore it would be unfair and illogical to compare them in this manner.

Broly is a character who was able to effortlessly fight Super Saiyan Goku, a form that was able to easily defeat Metal Cooler, a more powerful version of Cooler.

Even the somewhat tweaked canon version of Broly is significantly more potent than anything Cooler has to offer.

Cooler’s strength is undeniable, yet in comparison to Broly, he is utterly outclassed. Broly is a genuine beast, and he is so physically intimidating that his brute power would be sufficient to obliterate Cooler in a direct confrontation, which is why he would ultimately prevail.

Broly is unquestionably more powerful than Cooler. This was evident from the outset, and we did not need a category-by-category comparison to validate what we already knew, namely, that Broly is more powerful.


Broly is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe, but Cooler is not as powerful as Super Saiyan Goku. Broly is unquestionably more powerful than Cooler, and his brute power would be sufficient to obliterate him in a direct confrontation.

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