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Brittany Murphy Husband Death: How Did Simon Monjack Die?

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy’s husband, died just five months after his wife. Here is more about the life and death of the couple.

Monjack was British. He wrote scripts, directed movies, made movies, and did make-up. Before he met Murphy, he had been in a few low-budget movies.

The British producer was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, to a Jewish family. He grew up in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.

Simon wrote, directed, and made the B movie Two Days in the year 2000. He also wrote the story for the biopic Factory Girl, which was made about Edie Sedgwick in 2006.

In 2007, it was said that he was going to direct The White Hotel, which would star Brittany Murphy. But the project never got off the ground.

In the 2010 thriller Abandoned, which starred Murphy, the two of them worked together. Monjack did her hair. It is one of the two movies of the late actress that came out after she died.

In 2007, he married the American actress Brittany Murphy. They were together until Brittany died in 2014.

Brittany Murphy’s Husband’s Death

Many people were surprised when Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy’s husband, died just five months after his wife. The British producer was found dead in his Hollywood home on May 23, 2010, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Sharon, Murphy’s mom, called 911 at 9:20 pm when she found her son-in-law unconscious in the master bedroom. Soon, the paramedics got there, but it was too late. At 9:45 pm, Monjack was pronounced dead.

The coroner’s report said that Monjack died from severe anemia and acute pneumonia. It was a strange coincidence that Brittany Murphy, his wife, had died in the same way five months before.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health thought that toxic mold in their house might have killed them. LA Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter, however, said that mold did not have anything to do with their deaths.

Sharon, Brittany’s mother, said that the claims that mold caused the two deaths were crazy. But in December 2011, Sharon changed her mind and sued the lawyers she had hired to help her sue the California home builders.

Linda, Monjack’s mother, told People months before he died that he was sick and had a small heart attack a week before Brittany died.

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Brittany Murphy And Simon Monjack Marriage And Relationship

Brittany Monjack and Simon Murphy got married in a private Jewish ceremony at their home in Los Angeles in 2007. At a wedding officiated by a Rabbi, the couple said their vows in front of their families.

Fans were surprised by the wedding because the couple rarely showed up in public together and didn’t say anything about getting married. Before they got married, both Brittany and Simon were with other people.

Simone Bienne had been his wife since November 2001. But they broke up in 2006, the same year he met Brittany, who would become his wife.

In the same way, Brittany dated her co-star on Just Married, Ashton Kutcher, in late 2002, but they broke up after a while. Murphy was in a relationship with talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz for a while, but they broke up without getting married.

The actress got engaged to Joe Macaluso, a production assistant she met while making Little Black Book, in December 2005.

But about a year later, in August 2006, they broke up, and Murphy started dating Simon Monjack, who would later become her husband.

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