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What is Brendan Fraser’s Dating History?

Are you curious about who Brendan Fraser has dated in the past? Best Actor Oscars have been given to the actor who played the Whale.

Brendan Fraser is said to be in the news right now because he is joining Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji 4. Wow! It’s good to hear! Fans are curious about all of Brendan Fraser’s relationships now, but they aren’t too worried about this for now.

James Fraser

James Fraser, who was born Brendan, is a talented actor who rose to fame after he was in the comedy Encino Man. Brendan was born in 1968 in Indianapolis, which makes him 54 years old right now.

Some of his most famous roles are in Line of Descent, No Sudden Move, The Affair, Doom Patrol, Fallen Angels, and others. As we’ve already said, Brendan played the part of Charlie in The Whale. Also, he has a number of projects that are almost ready to come out. Killers of the Flower Moon is one of them.


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Well, Brendan Fraser’s past relationships are now in the news because he was seen at the 95th Academy Awards with his new girlfriend. He hasn’t dated many people, but his first wife was very important to him. What did she do? If you want to know about Brendan Fraser’s past relationships, here is what we know.

Brendan Fraser’s Dating History

Here is a short list of the dates that Brendan Fraser went on with different people.

Afton Smith

Brendan Fraser’s history with girls starts with Afton Smith, so that’s where we’ll start. So, we could call her Brendan’s ex-wife. But who is this person? Well, Afton is also an actress who has been in movies like Fried Green Tomatoes, Less Than Zero, Pyrates, etc.

Brendan met Afton Smith after he went to Los Angeles. Soon, there was something between them. To be more specific, they met for the first time on July 4, 1993, at a barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house.

After that, they dated for a few years until Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith got married in September 1998. Both have three kids in common.

Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith, who was his wife at the time, are said to have split up in 2007. But after a couple of years, in 2009, their legal separation or divorce was finalized.

After that, the actor had to pay $600,000 every year for ten years or until he got married to someone else. But after a while, Brendan asked for a certain cut because he couldn’t pay the full amount.


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Brendan was also told that he had to pay child support of $25,000. Even so, the actor didn’t argue against this. Afton Smith said that Brendan Fraser was hiding his money because she knew this.

In other words, she said he had lied to her. Fans have been wondering, putting everything else aside, what the main reason was for Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith to split up. The end of their long-term relationship was pretty simple.

However? The reason is unknown because it was never written down. When the announcement was made, the representatives said that they would continue to treat each other with respect and care. But Brendan Fraser’s divorce from Afton Smith was messy and hard to understand.

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Jeanne Moore

When we talk about Brendan Fraser’s past relationships, Jeanne Moore, his new girlfriend, comes up. In September 2022, Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore began going out together. So, it’s only been six months since they became an official couple.


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If you were wondering, Jeanne, Brendan’s girlfriend, is a professional make-up artist, hair stylist, and special effects fan. Most people know her for her work with BG Star Production.

Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore may or may not have decided to get married. But things seem to be going well between them. From the pictures they post online, it’s clear that Brendan and Jeanne love each other very much. They always seem to be together.

Brendan Fraser should have the best days of his life from now on. We’re looking forward to hearing good news about his wedding. When will that happen? Follow Brendan on Instagram in case he posts more updates.

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