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Bree Podium Reviews “Woah, What a Blur!” the Pop Polymath Celebrates His Breakthrough Year

Bree Ranway devoted an entire year to overcoming her reputation as an outsider. 2022 was the year that her innovative pop music was finally recognised by the world, earning her a nomination for the BRIT Rising Star award, a sold-out US tour, and an NME cover to boot. To put the cherry on top of everything, the fashion queen of British pop-rap has dropped a surprise project called “Woah, What A Blur! “, which explores new electronic techniques in addition to revealing more of her it-girl attitude.

An exhilarating beginning is provided by the sound of engines revving as they get closer to the first “Mami Archive.” The song comes to an abrupt end after Bree has discussed the hierarchy of the music industry (“And if you claim I’m nobody on the net / Why the hell did Gaultier send me garbage from the archive?”). You can’t wait to hear the complete rendition, but the following tune, “BREEE!,” is already giving you chills. ” makes up for this shortcoming by performing a densely melodious rap that is interwoven with tremendous bass.

In the massively popular party music “That Girl” from Baltimore, Bree demonstrates her self-assurance and wealth. She releases a rap that has a hint of the ballroom, and in the sophisticated wit of the song, there are echoes of Cakes Da Killa. The song is saturated in metal production. She then spits out, “They’re salty because I bring pepper/I’ll be the main girl now and forever.” Brie’s self-assured performance summarises her year as she sings, “I’ve already been that girl/If you’re bad and you know it, you better show it, girl.” “Disgusting body, it’s not fair / I can pronounce anything I wear.”

The only track on the album that raises any eyebrows is “Pick Your Poison,” which features Stormzy performing an afro-pop duo on a plucked guitar. We are discussing two people who are working to build a relationship in spite of the fact that they have divergent views regarding drinking; however, you can almost picture a music video in which the two of them sing into the distance while leaning against opposite sides of the same wall. This is despite the fact that they are in the same room. She does not possess the customary imaginative spark that Brie possesses: despite the fact that she is capable of performing a slower ballad – as the excellent Jai Paul–style song, Somebody Like You, from this year illustrates – here she seems to be stuck in a pop formula.

The song “FWMM,” on the other hand, demonstrates how Bree emerges as the album’s artist through a thrilling recognition. She communicates a longing for closeness with her spouse through a base of warm intergalactic synths, before pursuing the path of “Untitled (How It Feels)” by D’Angelo and presenting the culmination of intimacy through divine uplift. This song was written by D’Angelo. “Woah, What A Blur! ” is a study collection that touches on a lot of different aesthetic elements, but if Brie Ranway’s impending debut album fills in the gaps, it will be impossible to underestimate how famous she will become.

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