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Bre Tiesi’s Relationship Status: Is the Selling Sunset Star Single or Taken?

Bre Tiesi Relationship Status: Breana Tiesi, who stars in Selling Sunset, is a total bombshell. She may not be actively looking for a man, but she has fans. Like maybe Michael B. Jordan.

In Season 7, the model, activist, and Oppenheim Group agent said she slept with the Creed actor after Amy Smith, her co-star, said that Michael would be her first choice if she could sleep with a famous person. “I could do that, and I have,” Bre said in a calm voice.

We love that about her. Also for him. On the other hand, it looks like they didn’t actually date. Bre seems to be seeing Nick Cannon, who is the father of her son. Their relationship seems to be open, though.

Then, who has Bre Tiesi been with before? Let’s look at the guys who have tried to get her attention.

Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s son, was Bre’s boyfriend from 2008 to 2011. To the point where they talked about getting married in 2011 (TMZ), he even bought a ring. He meant to ask her to marry him, but he never did. A few months later, they broke up.

Bre Tiesi Relationship Status

Bre hints in an interview with E! that Nick’s mom was the one who pushed her to become a model. “He and his family had a show at the time, and I was sixteen. His mom told me, ‘You should be a model,'” she told the source. ‘Oh, I don’t know,'” I said. I believe I want to become a surgical worker. She says, “No!” That doesn’t have enough money in it.

Johnny Manziel

A quarterback for the FCF Zappers named Johnny Manzeil posted a number of videos of Bre and him online in 2016. This is when the relationship was first linked. They kept dating quickly and quickly fell in love. A year later, they got engaged. Bre was with Wild ‘N Out at the time, and Johnny had been let go from his job with the Cleveland Browns.

In 2018, they got married, but things broke down almost as quickly as they fell in love. Johnny and Bre’s divorce was filed in December 2019, with hints that he might have cheated on her. After being married for a year, they broke up in secret earlier that year. In 2021, they got a divorce, and Bre celebrated by having a party for only women.

Nick Cannon

When Bre first joined the group Wild ‘N Out more than ten years ago, she met Nick Cannon. It’s not clear when their relationship began. But in January 2022, she told him she was expecting his child.

Bre Tiesi Relationship Status

“We’ve been on and off for years,” Bre told E! News’ Daily Pop in March 2022. “I’ve always come back.”

Legendary Love Cannon, their first child together, was born in June 2022. In Season 6 of Selling Sunset, Bre was honest about their relationship state by saying, “My situation is interesting.” I’m not sure if I’d say I’m single. I’ve been in a relationship that isn’t truly open, but I guess you could call it that. “I know we just had a baby and are very happy, so I’m happy with my partner now.”

It was also made clear that she didn’t like marriage and would keep doing “what works for me and I don’t really care how anyone feels about it.”

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Bre Tiesi, a star in Selling Sunset, has been in an open relationship with her son Nick Cannon, who is the father of her son. Bre has been with Nick Hogan, Johnny Manzeil, and Nick Cannon since joining Wild ‘N Out.

Their first child, Legendary Love Cannon, was born in June 2022. Bre has been open about her relationship status, stating that she is happy with her partner and doesn’t care about marriage. She has also mentioned that she has a baby and is happy with her partner.

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