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Bradley Martyn Net Worth: What Does Martyn Do for a Living?

Bradley Martyn Net Worth

Bradley Martyn is an American fitness coach, business owner, content creator, and YouTuber with a lot of followers. Bradley Martyn is the first name that comes to mind when we think of the best bodybuilders in the world.

He is just as famous as any other big name, and he has fans all over the country. Bradley is also well known as the co-founder and owner of the Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles, California, United States. His workout and diet plans have helped him get millions of fans, and most of his videos have been watched millions of times.

Bradley Martyn Quick Info

Net Worth: $2.2 Million
Age: 33
Born: May 22, 1989
Gender: Male
Height: 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: YouTube/Entrepreneur
Last Updated: August 2, 2022

Early Life

Bradley Martyn was born in California on May 22, 1989. Born into a poor family in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bradley Martin saw a tragedy that changed his life very early on when his father committed suicide.

At age 6, he was very shocked by the event, and he carried its weight through his childhood. But the president also changed him into a serious and strong-willed person and got him back to his mother very quickly.

Bradley Martyn Networth

According to Wealthygenius, Bradley Martyn has made money from fitness and YouTube. He has made an estimated $2.2 million over the course of his career. Martyn’s career earnings are thought to be around $1.21 million after taxes. He has paid $990,000 (45%) in taxes. Especially since he has lived and worked in California his whole life.

Bradley Martyn is single and doesn’t have any kids. He probably spent $250,000 on his personal life, but he made $150,000 from his investments. He will also have had to pay business costs of around $100,000. So, it’s thought that Bradley Martyn has a net worth of around $1 million.

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Even before he got into the online world, Bradley Martin had started a number of fun places, such as the Zoo Culture Gym and AlrhaSre8tvedesign. He is also the supposed founder of a useful fresh food delivery service called Lean Meals, whose meals are all based on fitness.
No ability to motivate role, unflappable nature or intensive training method can be held as the reason for his success.
No training schedules usually include some exercises based on what the body needs most on a given day, which keeps the routine from getting boring.

In 2016, he played a small part in the movie “Voo! A Madea Halloween.“Martyn has spent his entire career working hard to get better at what he does and master his skills. Check out Bradley Martyn’s workout schedule on Jacked Gorilla, our fitness website.

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When it comes to promoting brands of supplements and fitness products, Bradley Martyn is their first choice. He is promoting a number of brands, but now that Martyn has his own supplement line, he doesn’t need to.

He owns a company called Origin Supplements, which makes protein supplements. Aside from that, he also owns a gym, a lifestyle and fitness clothing brand called “RAWGEAR,” and other businesses.

Personal Life

Some people know, though, that Bradley has an older brother and that his mother was a teacher. The man who was his stepfather worked for the police. Martyn’s father died when he was six years old. This was a very hard time in his life.

He also used what he learned to help fans who were going through something similar. Over time, his older brothers became interested in art and motorcycles, while Bradley was totally into sports. He knew early on what he wanted to do, so he didn’t go to college and went straight into the fitness business.

Who is Bradley’s Girlfriend?

With all of its influences and personality, the aesthetic beast is still single. He doesn’t have a girlfriend or a girl he goes out with. In late 2017, he posted on Twitter that he wanted a girlfriend. He might have thought it was funny, but he got a lot of funny and serious responses.

Bradley Martyn might be looking, but he might not even know what he wants, or he might be interested in someone he hasn’t told anyone about yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bradley Martyn’s Age?

Bradley Martyn was born in San Francisco, California, on May 22, 1989. As of 2022, he is 33 years old.

What kinds of brands does Bradley Martyn have?

Martyn owns a few businesses, such as the “RAWGEAR” lifestyle and fitness clothing brand, the “Zoo Culture” gym, etc.

What Does Bradley Martyn Weigh and How Tall is He?

Bradley Martyn is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 111 kg. He has a good-looking body (245 Lbs).

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