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Boy Meets World Alum Recalls Missing a Key Episode and Seeing It Be Filmed

Regular and guest actors from John Adams School appeared throughout “The Boy Learns the World” Keri Russell, Linda Cardellini, and Adam Scott joined Corey Matthews’ squad. “Step by Step” actor Jason Marsden stood out. In the first two seasons, he played Eric Matthews’ best friend Jason. The former kid star was replaced by Matthews’ new best buddy, like many TV characters. He recalls being on set after getting eliminated from a critical BMW episode.

In real life, Marsden was Eric Matthews Will Friedl’s best buddy. So missing the show confused him. On the Friedle Pod Meets World podcast, he discussed his ABC comedy role. The voice actor discussed the series. Despite no longer being in the humour, he was always on set with the BMW actors. Former child star had a recurring part in “Step by Step” Both shows were filmed together. The sitcom veteran wasn’t unhappy he wasn’t asked, but one episode got him emotional. Marsden denied appearing in the season finale.

The season 5 finale of “Prom” brought everyone back for tiny cameos except me. I saw it live, so I know. It would have been good to have a response request, but that’s okay. Cory, Sean, and their buddies graduated at the fifth season finale. Numerous BMW celebs made cameos in the show. Only Lee Norris’s Stewart Minkus returned after the first season. Marsden’s absence from the graduation episode was a smack in the actor’s face as his character. During the first two seasons, Eric made some jokes. However, the actor only featured in nine episodes. The “Boy Meets World” alum has missed the finale before.

Marsden’s omission from the comedy raised some issues. Friedl and co-host Ryder Strong were perplexed why he never returned. Rich Halke, a paid actor, didn’t know he stopped appearing after season 2. He said his agency wanted more money. The young sitcom’s producers shifted during season 3. The new producers seemed to dislike him.

The “Boy Meets World” graduate starred in “White Squall” around the second season, which may have kept him occupied. DJ Nelson Burkhardt’s obnoxious rich beau in TGIF Full House. Danielle Fishel stated his busy schedule led to his season 2 dismissal. As he was usually on set, Marsden said he could still play Eric’s best friend.

Jason Marsden went on to star in “The Secret World of Alex Mack” and “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” Fans can stream each season of “Boy Meets World” on Disney+. Watch Pod Meets World, hosted by Danielle Fishel, Will Friedl, and Ryder Strong on iHeartRadio, for more behind-the-scenes stories.

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