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Bon Appetit Season 2 Release Date: What to Expect from the Next Season

Bon Appetit Season 2 Release Date: Bon Appetit” is a South Korean web drama that made its debut on iQIYI in September 2023. The series revolves around the sweet and spicy romance between Lee Yoon Soo, a food truck chef, and Jung Do Hoon, his neighbor and an office worker.

With a total of eight episodes, each lasting around 30 minutes, the drama is an adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name.

Bon Appetit Season 2 Fans Demand:

“Bon Appetit” garnered praise from fans and critics for its endearing storyline, delectable food scenes, and the charming chemistry between its two leads.

Beyond its romantic plot, the series also touched on LGBTQ+ representation in a sensitive and realistic manner, addressing the challenges and joys of gay love in contemporary society.

Consequently, many fans expressed their strong desire for a second season, hoping to witness further development in Yoon Soo and Do Hoon’s relationship, as well as interactions with their friends and family.

Some fans even suggested spin-offs or side stories featuring supporting characters like Park Sang Woo, Do Hoon’s best friend and co-worker, and Lee Jo Woon, Yoon Soo’s former boyfriend.

Bon Appetit Season 2 Renewal Status:

Currently, there is no official confirmation or announcement regarding the renewal of “Bon Appetit” for a second season. However, given the widespread popularity and success of the first season, there is a strong likelihood that iQIYI will give the green light to a sequel in the near future.

Bon Appetit Season 2 Release Date

The original webtoon source material remains ongoing, providing ample content for another season. Moreover, the actors have expressed their eagerness to reprise their roles if the opportunity arises.

In interviews, Lee Ki Taek, who portrayed Yoon Soo, expressed his enjoyment in filming the drama and his desire to work with Yoo Jung Hun, who played Do Hoon, again. Yoo Jung Hun, in turn, conveyed his gratitude and affection for his co-star and the production team, describing them as a family.

Bon Appetit Season 2 Release Date Expectation:

Assuming that “Bon Appetit” secures a renewal for a second season in the near future, fans can anticipate a premiere in 2024 or 2025. The first season took approximately six months to produce, from pre-production to post-production.

However, potential delays or alterations in the production schedule might arise due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on the entertainment industry.

Consequently, fans are encouraged to remain patient and optimistic while awaiting official updates from iQIYI or the cast and crew.

Bon Appetit Season 2: Continuation of the Story

The first season of “Bon Appetit” concluded on a positive note, with Yoon Soo and Do Hoon confessing their love for each other and sharing an affectionate kiss. The final scene depicted them cuddling on the couch while watching a movie together.

However, their romance is not without its share of challenges and hurdles. In a second season, viewers can anticipate a deeper exploration of their everyday life as a couple, individual growth and aspirations, the balancing act between work and personal life, coping with past traumas and insecurities, addressing societal stigma and prejudices related to their sexuality, navigating family dynamics, and resolving any conflicts or misunderstandings that may arise between them.

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Bon Appetit Season 2 Main and Supporting Cast:

The cast of “Bon Appetit” comprises talented and emerging actors who have demonstrated their skills and charisma in various projects. Here are the key cast members from the drama:

  • Lee Ki Taek as Lee Yoon Soo: A cheerful and sociable chef who operates the Bon Appetit food truck. He has a deep passion for cooking and enjoys sharing his culinary creations with others. Yoon Soo harbors feelings for Do Hoon dating back to their college days but only finds the courage to confess when he becomes Do Hoon’s neighbor.
  • Yoo Jung Hun as Jung Do Hoon: A diligent and introverted office worker employed as an advertising designer at D&H. He previously lived a monotonous and solitary life until his encounter with Yoon Soo, who brought warmth and brightness into his world. As the series progresses, Do Hoon gradually develops feelings for Yoon Soo but wrestles with accepting his own sexuality.
  • Yoo Jang Hee as Park Sang Woo: Do Hoon’s best friend and co-worker, who harbors romantic feelings for him but respects his relationship with Yoon Soo. Sang Woo serves as a loyal and supportive friend, offering advice and assistance when needed.
  • Yoon Seo Bin as Lee Jo Woon: Yoon Soo’s ex-boyfriend, who broke up with him three years ago due to familial pressure. Jo Woon has since become a successful lawyer who still carries a torch for Yoon Soo and endeavors to win him back.

In Conclusion:

“Bon Appetit” is a heartwarming drama that celebrates the beauty of love and food while tackling important themes. With its loyal and passionate fan base eagerly anticipating a second season, there’s hope that iQIYI will heed its desires soon.

Until then, viewers can rewatch the first season on iQIYI or MyAsianTv, or delve into the original webtoon available on Naver Webtoon. “Bon Appetit” remains a delightful and must-watch series for fans of romance, comedy, and slice-of-life genres.

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