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Black Hole Discovered near Earth

Black Hole Discovered near Earth

Scientists have come to know about a black hole a thousand light-years away from Earth. It is being told that this is the nearest black hole on earth.

Scientific interest in Black Hole has increased especially in the last few years. This celestial body produces curiosity not only in scientists but also in common humans. It seems impossible to know about such a thing which draws even light, but scientists have known about them indirectly. Now scientists have come to know about a black hole near the Earth.

Who discovered this blackhole
The black hole has been discovered by astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO). It is only 1000 light-years away from Earth. This has been shown to blackhole scientists during the study of the HR 6819 system. It is located in the telescope constellation.

Actually this blackhole was also discovered by chance. Astronomers were studying the HR6819 system. He was observing this two wiring systems that he found that there is also a third body in it. He noticed that the two stars are orbiting the black hole as a single system. Dietrich Bade, the study’s co-author, and researcher says his team had to look at 40-day time data, which was several months of work.

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