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BitBoy Crypto Net Worth 2022

Bitboy Crypto is a bitcoin content producer with an estimated net worth of $28 million dollars. He goes by the name Ben Armstrong and maintains a YouTube channel where he covers the newest crypto news, reviews coins, and gives trading advice. Ben’s channel has exploded in popularity since the introduction of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He now has over 1.35 million subscribers on the internet, and the bull market is continuing to boost his popularity.

In 2011, he was introduced to cryptography by chance. Ben ran a ticketing company (FrontPage Tickets), and the website where he advertised changed their payment options to only accept Bitcoin. BitBoy spent $10,000 worth of Bitcoin to promote his ticket business.

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He didn’t completely comprehend Bitcoin at the time, and as a result, he missed out on seven-figure earnings by selling too soon. He spent a lot of time researching the potential of blockchain technology in 2017 when BTC exceeded $20,000.

Who is BitBoy Crypto?

Ben Armstrong, often known as BitBoy Crypto on social media, is a well-known financial expert, Youtuber, Tik Toker, investor, and businessman from the United States. With 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube, 580.7k followers on Twitter, 298k followers on Instagram, 68k followers on Facebook, and over 500 connections on Linkedin, he is quite successful on social media.

For years, crypto has offered financial advice. He is also an investor, so he understands how to make money and how to lose money. His work is an excellent resource for new investors who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, bitcoins, and other financial instruments. On his Youtube channel and other social media channels, Armstrong also gives financial news. The content producer is regarded as one of the most prominent financial experts on the internet due to his insights into investment and money matters. Armstrong’s fans are known as BitSquad and may be found across the world.

Following the success of his Youtube channel, the social media influencer decided to expand his business by creating a website. On the website, he also offers his products. New Money Gang, Ivan on Tech, A Bilancione, 8-BitRyan, Crypto Crow, and other business channels on YouTube have cooperated with Armstrong. By bit, Market Cipher, Token Metrics Research, Celsius Staking, and other projects are among his best.

BitBoy Crypto Biography Early Life, Education

On October 27, 1982, Ben Armstrong was born. On October 27th, Ben Armstrong’s bitboy crypto wife uploaded a photo wishing him a happy birthday. Los Angeles, California, is where the crypto specialist was born and raised.

This is known as Bitboy Crypto Location. BitBoy Crypto will be 40 years old in 2022.

According to his own statements, he came from a middle-class household and received his education at a local school.

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He stated on his Linked In profile that he attended Toccoa Falls College in 2009. He then finished his bachelor’s degree in 2012. He also read the report at Kennesaw University.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth


What does BitBoy Crypto do?

  • BitBoy Crypto is a social media personality, financial expert, and bitcoin enthusiast from the United States. He began investing in 2012 before achieving an internet celebrity. Bit Instant, a firm founded by Charlie Shrem, has received a cryptocurrency investment. However, he suffered a significant loss in 2018 after investing in the bitcoin exchange company Mt. Gox, which was hacked. In the following year, he started a YouTube channel.
  • In February 2018, the channel’s debut video, titled Ep 1: Talking Bits with Carlos Matos from BitConnect, was released. The video has received over 10,000 views. He gradually began to upload movies regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies regularly. In a short period of time, the Youtuber had amassed a sizable following. The most popular video on the channel, Top 3 Coins to $3 Million, was posted in March 2021.
  • It has been seen over 777,000 times. Crypto’s most recent video, Ethereum PARABOLIC Run, has accumulated 60 thousand views and is steadily growing. Later, he launched a website to provide additional information about investment and bitcoins.

What is BitBoy Crypto’s net worth?

BitBoy Crypto’s net worth is believed to be at $1.66 million.

Although BitBoy Crypto’s exact net worth is unknown, our website uses YouTube viewing statistics to estimate $1.66 million.

However, others speculate that BitBoy Crypto’s net worth is even larger. BitBoy Crypto’s value might be closer to $2.32 million if these extra revenue streams are included.

How Did BitBoy Build His Net Worth?

BitBoy Ben is the owner of The website provides news on cryptocurrency, as well as fresh information, regulations, and trends. It also teaches new users the basics of trading so that they may get their feet wet in the crypto world. He has a sizable social media following, and while it provides some residual money, it is not his primary source of income.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

Ben got his start in the crypto world with investments in 2012, but his passion for the technology began when Bitcoin first appeared on the market. He tried to invest right away, but the Mt. Gox hack spelled doom for him, as it did for many others who started early. When he decided to make crypto his full-time profession in 2018, he truly found his stride. He increased his online content creation and now posts a video every day on his YouTube page.

He has almost a million subscribers, but his videos have received even more views. In reality, BitBoy Crypto is the most well-known and trustworthy source of reliable, authentic crypto news. Of course, his authority ranking boosts his views and increases his search engine rewards.

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In addition to investing in crypto revenues, Ben makes money through selling offers through other crypto partners. He’s recently added the HIT Network and New Money Gang to his YouTube playlist. They’re concentrating on a behind-the-scenes look at his enterprise and new revenue-generating tactics.

BitBoy’s Productivity Habits & Main Personal Strengths

Ben gives bitcoin tips and tactics regularly. The primary point he wants his audience to grasp is that, like any market, there is a risk. He puts in the time to perform the research and spends a lot of time lurking in the market, keeping an eye on the trends. Purchasing a popular currency on social media does not guarantee that you will become a billionaire overnight; it is vital that you thoroughly investigate any coin and its history before investing your money.

Personal Information

What is BitBoy Crypto’s family background?

BitBoy Crypto hasn’t revealed anything about his relatives. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 27, 1982. According to his LinkedIn profile, the Youtuber attended Toccoa Falls College and Kennesaw State University. His eyes and hair are both light brown.

Is BitBoy Crypto in a relationship?

BitBoy Crypto is married, but no information about his wife is available. The pair is also parents to two children and have a loving marriage.

 9 Facts You Need to Know About BitBoy Crypto

  • BitBoy learned to shoot from a personal trainer and is completely responsible for his children.
  • Crypto’s YouTube channel was suspended in July 2021, however, YouTube later revived it due to Twitter users.
  • He travels with his family to numerous lovely destinations since he enjoys traveling.
  • At his house, Ben Armstrong has two pitbull-type dogs.
  • He uses his many social media networks to market things.
  • The well-known YouTuber enjoys eating his favorite foods from high-end restaurants.
  • In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf.
  • As of December 2021, BitBoy Crypto has posted 2640 times on his Instagram account, which has 380k followers.

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