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Best Video Streaming Sites Besides YouTube

Who doesn’t know YouTube ? One of the best and most popular video streaming applications or sites has been visited by hundreds of millions of visitors every day to watch various kinds of video content provided.

However, YouTube also still has a number of shortcomings, especially the problem of low-quality content that often arises. So of course there’s nothing wrong if you try to glance at some other alternative streaming sites besides YouTube.

Then, what are the best streaming sites to visit besides YouTube Premium APK ? Don’t worry, here are Jaka’s search results!

  1. Metacafe

Metacafe is a streaming site with millions of short videos divided into several categories ranging from games, music, movies and TV .

Well, the cool thing is, this site uses a special algorithm system so that later, you can watch high-quality videos according to your interests.

Cool again, you can also get money for free from here, gang. It’s very easy too!

You just need to upload a video on this site, then if your video gets more than 20,000 views, you will get money. Not bad, right, for you to make an alternative money- making application?

  1. Vimeo

Besides YouTube, Vimeo is a popular video streaming site that continues to grow in 2020. No wonder, Vimeo is YouTube’s toughest rival so far.

Uniquely, Vimeo has been blocked since 2014 by the Indonesian government. The reason is that Vimeo presents content that is contrary to Indonesian cultural values.

In fact, Vimeo itself can be said to be much better because of its higher quality content. In addition, Vimeo supports video quality up to 4K . No wonder the Vimeo streaming quality is always good and clear.

  1. Dailymotion

Not much different from Vimeo, Dailymotion is the next video streaming site that can compete with YouTube.

This is understandable because the appearance of Dailymotion itself is similar to YouTube , starting from trending videos on the main page and separating videos by category.

This France-based video streaming site offers streaming quality up to 720p and of course a variety of quality content from professionals. Yes, although there is also content from regular visitors.

  1. Twitch

Don’t claim to be real gamers if you’ve never heard of this streaming site. Besides YouTube, Twitch ( ) is one of the most popular sites for gamers .

This is because Twitch is 100% devoted to providing updates on the development of the game world. Here, you can see various live streaming videos of game play

In addition, you can also view live streaming videos related to discussions of certain games. You can also chat with other gamers who use Twitch, and of course upload your own videos.

  1. Veoh

Veoh is a streaming service site based in San Diego . This site contains a variety of videos, including anime videos and popular music videos.

The advantage of this site is that you can upload videos of any size. That’s because this site has no video upload size limit and also supports a wide variety of video file formats .

That’s great, right, so you don’t have to reduce the size of the video which will definitely make it complicated!

Thanks to its simple appearance, the site is slightly faster when loading large content. You can immediately watch your favorite videos here!

  1. Video

Vidio is a video streaming site service that was founded in October 2014. Currently, its ownership is in the hands of the Emtek Group. That’s right, this site was founded by the nation’s own children, you know!

Usually, Vidio presents popular shows that are currently popular in India, including live streaming of various events or sports matches.

Remember the 2018 Asian Games and 2018 Asian Para Games ? All events are broadcast live via video. Not surprisingly, his prestige has increased until now.

More interestingly, you can also watch a number of the latest film titles, both domestic and foreign productions. Yes, although the bibliography is not as much as a special site for streaming movies.

The final word

Those were some of the recommendations for the best and latest video streaming sites besides YouTube in 2021.

Although it is undeniable that YouTube video content feels fresher and filled by today’s creators, the list of video streaming websites above can certainly be used as an alternative.

Which site, anyway, is your favorite?

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