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Benoit Blanc’s sexuality in the “Get Knives” sequel, according to Daniel Craig, “seemed right.”

In an interview with NME, Daniel Craig talked about the sexuality of his character in the upcoming movie “The Glass Bow: The Mystery of Knives,” as well as spoilers, characters he worked with, and any other unrevealed details. View our interview in the video above.

The lead detective Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, is gay, as verified by the Murder Mystery franchise’s director Ryan Johnson back in October. The new movie’s sequence in which it is implied that the investigator is cohabitating with another man raised the subject of Blanc’s sexual orientation.

When asked if that indicated he was gay, Johnson responded, “Of course,” The filmmaker said, “I can’t fathom anyone in the world who will offer me greater delight than Benoit Blanc,” in reference to the actor who portrays Blanc’s partner (whose identity is now subject to a press embargo).

Craig responded, “It was what seemed right,” when questioned by NME whether his character’s sexuality has been debated for a long time or has developed gradually over time. Who wouldn’t want to live with that person, given who they are?

When questioned about keeping the movie’s numerous spoilers a secret, Janelle Monae, who plays Helen Brand, the main character, responded, “I’m not saying. Don’t worry about it since you don’t want to ruin their perception, I tell my family when they ask what I’m doing. You desire that the work speak for itself.

“The picture is extremely, very generous,” Craig continued. You will reply, “Okay, okay,” and everything will come together if you turn around and take another look. Ryan performed that really expertly.

The former James Bond actor claimed that “Get Knives” was the key to the franchise’s success since it combined contemporary concerns with a “eternal” story.

Craig told NME that “Agatha Christie wrote at the time.” She would include these tech billionaires in her books if she were writing them now. They are there right now, and everything that is being said makes reference to the present despite the fact that they seem to be from another time.

“The movie is humorous. All we want is for folks to come and enjoy seeing these comedic movies. Knock yourself out if you want to do some light thinking at the same time.

In the end, the two performers agreed that Glass Onion’s “number one rule” should be “entertaining,” setting aside any comments about contemporary society.

The main goal of this detective movie about investigators, according to Monae, is to motivate viewers to go for a stroll and get experience. “The characters have been updated, which gives the audience a better idea of who they are and what type of experience they have.

I’ve never played a comedic role. The particular tone Ryan has established offers a tonne of funny moments. He was, in my opinion, highly creative in the investigative field.

There are some nasty individuals in this movie, but you can’t help but admire them, said Craig about the other characters, which include Edward Norton as a slick tech tycoon and Kate Hudson as a former model turned fashion designer and victim of social media. It’s a talent. It’s interesting to frame someone and then throw darts at them for a moment, but after a while it just gets pretty dull.

“We must examine the complexity of these individuals. Because it’s so absurd, many of its subtle subtexts are obscured.

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